Michael Vaca

Michael Vaca

I survived ... Matthew Cow? 3

Do you have a picture of it?

I survived ... the incident with Ndi and Liz .....

Where ndi was almost built and Liz was built.


Matthew, nicknamed Michael Wicca, was from Liz, who took him to a friend's car on a hill, stabbed him in the back, and cut his throat. Another girl was forcibly taken to the train station, where she was strangled to death. So Matthew took him to the bridge, usually pushing him and then pushing him off the bridge. He fell into the water and escaped, and was taken away by licensed police officers. It all happened because they got on the blockbuster (I forgot the name of the theater they attended).

No, you need to be more specific, people are almost there with every episode. What happened to Matthew, maybe it will touch?

Michael Vaca