Mezzanine Finance

Mezzanine Finance,

What is Mezzanine Finance?

  • High-interest loans, usually unsecured, in which the lender is usually entitled to interest from the lending company. Sometimes used in executive acquisitions.

  • Meaning of Mezzanine Finance: A form of financing that combines the components of debt and equity to provide flexibility to investors and companies. Medium investment is more risky than traditional senior debt due to the benefit in the form of subordinate debt (amount of senior financing on equity, but less than senior debt). Therefore, when a company is liquidated, subsidiaries will be added to the list of senior lenders in the credit chain.

Literal Meanings of Mezzanine Finance


Meanings of Mezzanine:
  1. The ground floor is between the other two floors of a building, usually between the ground floor and the first floor.

  2. Refers to or designate unsecured high yielding loans that are below bank loans and secured loans but more than equity.

Sentences of Mezzanine
  1. The company receives ان 9.1 million in mezzanine financing

Synonyms of Mezzanine

tier, floor, level


Meanings of Finance:
  1. Finance (one person or company)

  2. Especially large sums of money managed by the government or large companies.

Sentences of Finance
  1. Initially, cities and districts funded the project

  2. Company Financial Management

Synonyms of Finance

provide capital for, capitalize, business, invest in, fiscal matters, banking, financial affairs, fund, accounting, commerce, investment, subsidize, pay for, back, pecuniary matters, money matters, economics, endow, money management, provide security for