Mezzanine Debt

Mezzanine Debt,

Definition of Mezzanine Debt:

  1. Definition of Mezzanine Debt: Mezzanine debt arises when hybrid security is subordinated to the other issuer's securities. Mezzanines are equity instruments embedded in debt, often called warrants, that value the underlying debt and allow greater flexibility in relationships with bondholders. The average debt is usually associated with acquisitions and acquisitions in which the new owner takes precedence over the bankrupt owner.

    • The average loan is when the hybrid security is subordinated to the other securities of the same issuer.
    • Intermediate loan bridges the gap between debt and equity financing and is one of the most dangerous forms of debt: it is net debt, but more than net debt.
    • In practice, mezzanine loans behave more like stocks than loans, as the default option makes converting loans into stocks more attractive.
    • Compared to other types of loans, mezzanine loans are the most profitable and typically generate interest rates of between 12% and 20% per annum.

Literal Meanings of Mezzanine Debt


Meanings of Mezzanine:
  1. Usually a lower floor between the lower floor and the first floor between the other two floors of a building.

  2. Are associated with or associated with high-interest unsecured loans that are subject to bank loans and guaranteed loans, but exceed equity.

Sentences of Mezzanine
  1. A mezzanine

  2. The company received 1.91 million mezzanine financing

Synonyms of Mezzanine

floor, level, tier


Meanings of Debt:
  1. Some, usually money, loans or debts.

Sentences of Debt
  1. I paid my debt

Synonyms of Debt

bill, account, tally, financial obligation, outstanding payment, amount due, money owing