Mexican Gold Teeth

Mexican Gold Teeth

Why do Mexicans like to put a gold cross on their front teeth? 3

Is it rude to ask?

I'm trying to be careful ... I don't want to disappoint anyone!


Hey, you're right, there are pieces of the Mexican girl's mouth!

It is common not only in Mexico but also in Central and South America. In fact, it is more common outside of Mexico. Do you believe that the person you saw was Mexican?

Latin America has historically been rich in gold. I believe the golden cap started with local dentistry (with healing). The Aztecs were very skilled at machining metals ... like the Maya. I've seen this trend in more people than in Mexico ... it's been seen all over the world, mostly in local or tribal people. There is nothing special about these things when you go into the world. Most European Americans can recognize Americans by their straight white teeth. Priority is priority ...

Because you are accustomed to seeing smiles (the first thing you see when you look in the mirror in the morning), not to mention that when you see a bright smile, the first smile appears on your mother's face. ۔ With perfect teeth you think they are golden, this is just an illusion baby ... Practice good dental hygiene and you will soon get the bright smile you have been waiting for ... and I don't even want to talk about your breath.

But I'm not rude.

My dentist answered that question many years ago. When Mexicans came to my house, they were proud to change their families who still live in Mexico, as they did in the United States. And since many Mexicans living in Mexico cannot afford dental care, wearing a gold cross is a sign of death. It transforms the people who do it so you can pay a lot more for American dental care. It's a source of pride and admiration for Mexicans.

That's why everyone puts a gold cross on their front teeth to do it !! This has been happening for years and the Mexicans are not the only group doing it!

This is a common pattern in Latin America. I also saw it in South America. This is ridiculous because I always wanted one and my family was always scared and said that only boxes have gold teeth.

Yes right...

It is made because in Mexico it is cheaper when you need to fix your teeth. As American dentists have progressed rapidly, we have the option of using silver fillings for clean or natural fillings. Many of them did this years ago, so at that time they had a box full of gold or silver.

People are so stupid.

Mexican Gold Teeth

Mexican Gold Teeth

Mexico?!?!?!?! Dude, you idiot, I want to reduce you to gold and platinum!

That is the reason for some Americans.

Mexican Gold Teeth