Definition of Metrics:

  1. Measurement standards that can be used to evaluate the effectiveness, performance, progress or quality of a project, process or product.

  2. Use or study the lead of a poetic accountant.

  3. A way of measuring something or the results obtained from it.

  4. Throughout history, metrics have been used in accounting, operations and performance analysis.

  5. Matrix quantitative measurement measures are commonly used to test, compare and track performance or output. A series of metrics is commonly used to create dashboards that are regularly reviewed by management or analysts for business performance, feedback and strategy. .

Synonyms of Metrics

Stress pattern, Swing, Meter, Stabreim, Stress, Prosodic pattern, Number, Scanning, Ictus, Emphasis, Tertiary stress, Prosody, Numbers, Stress accent, Prosodics, Secondary stress, Measure, Metrical pattern, Alliterative meter, Cadence, Weak stress, Vers libre, Beat, Level of stress, Rhythmical stress, Primary stress, Syllabic meter, Scansion, Quantitative meter, Lilt, Rhythm, Movement, Rhythmic pattern, Accentuation, Accent, Versification

How to use Metrics in a sentence?

  1. The company has a secret metric formula that is not shared with its employees, so that employees work in natural conditions and without thinking about the company's goals.
  2. These measures are often used by internal managers and external stakeholders to analyze the company's finances.
  3. The matrix can be used in a variety of scenarios.
  4. Not as a metrologist, I will not try to dig deeper, but read a long poem that I heard Pound more than anyone else.
  5. NBA teams recently used modern metrics to determine the highest percentage of basketball games, which revolutionized the game.
  6. Matrixes are generally quantitative measures used to compare and control performance or output.
  7. I cannot add employees after review because they do not meet the parameters used to determine good performance.

Meaning of Metrics & Metrics Definition