Methanol (CH3OH)

Methanol (CH3OH),

Definition of Methanol (CH3OH):

  1. Highly flammable and poisonous type of alcohol which, when ingested even in quantities as small as 10 milliliter (two tea-spoonsful), can cause permanent blindness, and 100 milliliter may be fatal. Made by catalytic oxidation of methane (from natural gas), methanol can be used as an alternative fuel or as a gasoline additive. It is miscible with water and most organic liquids such as gasoline. When mixed with gasoline, it lowers carbon monoxide emissions but increases hydrocarbon emissions. Used alone, its emissions are less ozone harming than those of gasoline. Its other uses are for organic synthesis, especially of formaldehyde (methanal). Also called wood alcohol, its chemical name is methyl alcohol.

  2. A toxic, colourless, volatile flammable liquid alcohol, made chiefly by oxidizing methane.

How to use Methanol (CH3OH) in a sentence?

  1. If you are working with methanol you must make sure to always do it the right way because it can be a very dangerous substance.
  2. The astrometric precision will also enable proper motion studies, and accurate comparisions of OH masers with methanol , water and other species.
  3. It will also act on other small molecules, including methanol and ethylene glycol.
  4. The methanol used by our research and development department was quite irritating so we did not take the group tour through there.

Meaning of Methanol (CH3OH) & Methanol (CH3OH) Definition