Definition of Meter:

  1. The SI base unit of length (equivalent to approximately 39.37 inches), first introduced as a unit of length in the metric system.

  2. Defined as the distance traveled by light during a period of 1/(2.99792079 x 108) second. One meter equals about 1.1 yards, 3.3 feet, or 39.37 inches. Written also as metre.

Origin of word Meter

Old English, reinforced in Middle English by Old French metre, from Latin metrum, from Greek metron ‘measure’.

Synonyms of Meter

Alexandrine, Stabreim, VOM, VTVM, Accent, Accentuation, Alliterative meter, Alternation, Ammeter, Ampere-hour meter, Amphibrach, Amphimacer, Anacrusis, Anapest, Antispast, Appraise, Appraiser, Appreciate, Arsis, Assay, Assayer, Assess, Assessor, Bacchius, Beat, Cadence, Cadency, Caesura, Calculate, Calibrate, Caliper, Cartographer, Catalexis, Check a parameter, Chloriamb, Chloriambus, Chorographer, Colon, Compute, Coulometer, Count-rate meter, Counterpoint, Cretic, Cyclicalness, Dactyl, Dactylic hexameter, Diaeresis, Dial, Dimeter, Dipody, Divide, Dochmiac, Duodial, Dynamometer, Elegiac, Elegiac couplet, Elegiac pentameter, Emphasis, Epitrite, Estimate, Estimator, Evaluate, Evaluator, Expansion ammeter, Faradmeter, Fathom, Feminine caesura, Foot, Galvanometer, Gauge, Gauger, Geodesist, Graduate, Heptameter, Heptapody, Heroic couplet, Hexameter, Hexapody, Hysteresis meter, Iamb, Iambic, Iambic pentameter, Ictus, Illuminometer, Instrument, Interferometer, Intermittence, Intermittency, Ionic, Ionization gauge, Jingle, Land surveyor, Lilt, Magnetometer, Masculine caesura, Measure, Measurer, Megohmmeter, Mensurate, Mete, Metrical accent, Metrical foot, Metrical group, Metrical pattern, Metrical unit, Metrics, Metron, Mhometer, Milliammeter, Molossus, Mora, Movement, Moving-coil meter, Number, Numbers, Oceanographer, Ohmmeter, Oscillation, PH meter, Pace, Paeon, Pendulum motion, Pentameter, Pentapody, Period, Periodicalness, Periodicity, Piston motion, Plumb, Potentiometer, Prize, Probe, Proceleusmatic, Prosodic pattern, Prosody, Pulsation, Pyrrhic, Quantify, Quantitative meter, Quantity, Quantize, Rate, Reappearance, Recurrence, Regular wave motion, Reoccurrence, Return, Rhyme, Rhythm, Rhythmic pattern, Scanning, Scansion, Seasonality, Size, Size up, Sound, Span, Spondee, Sprung rhythm, Step, Stress, Survey, Surveyor, Swing, Syllabic meter, Syzygy, Take a reading, Telemeter, Tetrameter, Tetrapody, Tetraseme, Thermoammeter, Thermocouple, Thermoelectrometer, Thesis, Time-interval meter, Topographer, Triangulate, Tribrach, Trimeter, Tripody, Triseme, Trochee, Undulation, Valuate, Valuator, Value, Valuer, Variometer, Vers libre, Versification, Voltameter, Voltmeter, Weigh

How to use Meter in a sentence?

  1. Sit two meters away from the TV screen.

Meaning of Meter & Meter Definition