Definition of Metaphor:

  1. A figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable.

  2. Method of extending the scope of a word, or of illustrating a point by showing agreement or correspondence (analogy) in details between two very different items. Unlike similes, metaphors do not employ the words like or as but instead make a direct reference without any explicit hint of comparison: cash cow, escalator clause, high flyer, lame duck, spinoff, etc.

Synonyms of Metaphor

Figure of speech, Figurative expression, Image, Trope, Allegory, Parable, Analogy, Comparison, Symbol, Emblem, Word painting, Word picture, Accordance, Agent, Agreement, Alikeness, Allegory, Alliance, Alliteration, Allusion, Alternate, Alternative, Anacoluthon, Anadiplosis, Analogue, Analogy, Anaphora, Anastrophe, Antiphrasis, Antithesis, Antonomasia, Aping, Apophasis, Aporia, Aposiopesis, Apostrophe, Approach, Approximation, Assimilation, Backup, Balancing, Catachresis, Change, Changeling, Chiasmus, Circumlocution, Climax, Closeness, Community, Comparability, Comparative anatomy, Comparative degree, Comparative grammar, Comparative judgment, Comparative linguistics, Comparative literature, Comparative method, Compare, Comparing, Comparison, Conformity, Confrontation, Confrontment, Contrast, Contrastiveness, Conversion, Copy, Copying, Correlation, Correspondence, Counterfeit, Deputy, Distinction, Distinctiveness, Double, Dummy, Ecphonesis, Emphasis, Equal, Equivalent, Ersatz, Exchange, Exclamation, Fake, Figure of speech, Fill-in, Gemination, Ghost, Ghostwriter, Hypallage, Hyperbaton, Hyperbole, Identity, Image, Imagery, Imitation, Inversion, Irony, Likeness, Likening, Litotes, Locum tenens, Makeshift, Malapropism, Matching, Meiosis, Metonymy, Mimicking, Nearness, Next best thing, Onomatopoeia, Opposing, Opposition, Oxymoron, Parallelism, Paregmenon, Parenthesis, Parity, Periphrasis, Personification, Personnel, Phony, Pinch hitter, Pleonasm, Preterition, Prolepsis, Proportion, Proxy, Reference, Regression, Relation, Relief, Repetition, Replacement, Representative, Resemblance, Reserves, Ringer, Sameness, Sarcasm, Second string, Secondary, Semblance, Sign, Similarity, Simile, Similitude, Simulation, Spares, Spoonerism, Stand-in, Sub, Substituent, Substitute, Substitution, Succedaneum, Superseder, Supplanter, Surrogate, Syllepsis, Symbol, Symbolism, Symploce, Synecdoche, Third string, Token, Trope, Trope of comparison, Understudy, Utility player, Vicar, Vice-president, Vice-regent, Weighing, Zeugma

How to use Metaphor in a sentence?

  1. Her poetry depends on suggestion and metaphor.

Meaning of Metaphor & Metaphor Definition