Messed Up Hairline

Messed Up Hairline

I messed up my hair, it will come back

I sharpened my skull because I didn't go to the pear shop and made the mistake of cutting near the temples at the end of the skull and now my skull is getting longer and longer. I use Do Guru Mega Thick to slow down hair growth. Will my hair go back there? He looks bald now.

Your hair will grow back, but it will not slow it down.

You can expect 1/2 inch growth every month.

Nothing to grow your hair fast, no food, no pills.

Eat a healthy diet and take your multivitamin. Using 5,000 mcg of Otina daily will improve the health of your hair, skin and nails.

Double ends are the cause of progress. People who claim that their hair is not growing are often so divided that their hair breaks as it grows. Make deductions every two to three months. Let the stylist know that you are cultivating and you want nothing more than to remove the straight and damaged heads.

Do not dye, dye, curl, straighten or bleach your hair. This is important because even milder products contain chemicals that dry out the hair shaft and make it easier to split ends.

Never comb, dry, curl or straighten your hair.

Whenever you pretend, keep your hair in all condition. Use products that claim to moisturize your hair and keep it healthy.

Use a deep moisturizing lotion once a week, leave on for a few minutes, then rinse.

Dirty hair

Messed Up Hairline

Messed Up Hairline

Ha ha your Sox 4!

You'll have to wait until your hair grows back ... sorry ...


Messed Up Hairline