Message Passing

Message Passing

Message passing refers to services that perform a simple one-way transfer between two programs. Like other one-way messaging models, message relay usually doesn't block the sending schedule. Also, as with all forms of messaging, messaging is usually connectionless, meaning that the sending application does not have to explicitly establish and maintain a connection with the recipient of the messages. While messaging is not inherently a two-way communication model, two-way communication can be achieved by sending a response in a separate message.

Literal Meanings of Message Passing


Meanings of Message:
  1. Communication or what is being communicated, concept or information being communicated.

  2. The main theme or conclusion drawn from something.

  3. (usually plural) Race.

  4. See messages.

  5. To send a message, for example to forward a message. in the form of text via mobile phone.

  6. Sending (something) as a message generally refers to email.

  7. To be able to send a message or messages.

  8. Use it as a message.

Sentences of Message
  1. We just got an urgent message from the president.

  2. The main message of the novel is that time heals all wounds.

  3. I wrote to him about the concert.

  4. Send the final report by fax.

  5. The leaked computer program was constantly sending messages.


Meanings of Passing:
  1. Change places.

  2. Change state or state.

  3. Time to cross.

  4. Decline turns in any game.

  5. Do it or get better.

  6. Death, at the end of something.

  7. The fact of overcoming the movement from one place to another or the transition from one state to another.

  8. Approve the invoice, etc.

  9. Pass the ball, etc. to another player.

  10. A form of juggling in which several people pass props, usually clubs or rings.

  11. The ability of a person to be considered a member of a group or category of identity other than their own.

  12. Which is ephemeral.

  13. Excellent, excellent, extreme.

  14. Dark, incomplete.

  15. En route.

Sentences of Passing
  1. Passing cars.

Synonyms of Passing

take heed, take notice

Message Passing