Definition of Meritocracy:

  1. Governance by elites who deserve to wield power because they possess merit (defined as intelligence plus effort) instead of by those who merely possess wealth or belong to privileged classes. Such a system, in theory, forms the basis of an equal opportunity society. But, in practice, unrestricted meritocracy may result in a society without rules and concentrate power in only a few hands. The term was coined by the UK sociologist Michael Young in 1958 book, The Rise Of Meritocracy..

  2. Government or the holding of power by people selected on the basis of their ability.

How to use Meritocracy in a sentence?

  1. Even though Joan met all the qualifications, she feared she wouldnt get the job because it seemed employees were hired based on political power as opposed to their meritocracy.
  2. Progress towards meritocracy was slow.
  3. The new meritocracy seemed effective at first because of the intelligence and skill of those running the government, but soon was turned into an autocracy due to the lack of overall talent and skill in the population.
  4. She expected to get the promotion because she had clearly accomplished more than her colleagues but learned the hard way that her company was not a meritocracy when her less-accomplished male colleague was promoted instead.

Meaning of Meritocracy & Meritocracy Definition