What is The Definition of Merge-purge?

  • The process of associating two or more lists or files with names and addresses, usually databases, and removing duplicate and / or unwanted items to create a new list or clean database.

Literal Meanings of Merge-purge


Meanings of Merge:
  1. Combine or combine to form a single unit.

Sentences of Merge
  1. The utility reduces costs and partners with other companies

Synonyms of Merge

incorporate, link, join, agglutinate, meld, combine, amalgamate, affiliate, team up, consolidate, link up, join forces, unite, band together, ally, integrate, band, league, join together, federate, unify, coalesce


Meanings of Purge:
  1. Eliminate (or someone) an unwanted quality, condition or feeling.

  2. Remove (unwanted group) from an organization or location suddenly or by force.

  3. Physically remove or remove (something).

  4. Ajaxia delete (contempt of court)

  5. Sudden or violent evacuation of a group of people.

  6. A laxative

Sentences of Purge
  1. Bob saves Marta from the horrible crime that has plagued her.

Synonyms of Purge

removal, dismiss, aperient, eject, eradicate, sack, exclude, remove, oust, expel, exclusion, eviction, axe, root out, ousting, sacking, enema, ejection, weed out, clear-out, clearance, weeding out, cathartic, eradication, sweep out, discharge