Merchandise inventory

Merchandise inventory,

Definition of Merchandise inventory:

  1. The amount of products or services not been sold and will stay on a companys books.

Meaning of Merchandise inventory & Merchandise inventory Definition

Merchandise Inventory,

How To Define Merchandise Inventory?

  • The goods are available at any time and can be sold to customers in the normal course of business.

Literal Meanings of Merchandise Inventory


Meanings of Merchandise:
  1. Buying and selling goods.

  2. Sales promotion (of goods), especially through offers at point of sale.

Sentences of Merchandise
  1. A store with a wide variety of products.

  2. New breakfast foods can be easily marketed.

Synonyms of Merchandise

push, plug, promote, goods, wares, market, solutions, distribute, sell, hype (up), puff, vendibles, give a puff to, produce, advertise, publicize, retail, lines, commodities, product, stock


Meanings of Inventory:
  1. Complete list of items such as assets, assets in storage, or building materials.

  2. Make a complete list.

Sentences of Inventory
  1. I reviewed the photo collection.

Synonyms of Inventory

register, list, statement, archive, directory, roster, account, log, checklist, catalogue, listing, description, file, record, tally