Meps Eye Exam Waiver

Meps Eye Exam Waiver

w Will I get MEPS discount for my intraocular lens implants?

You will have a chance. In general, you should adjust your vision to 20/20. If he tries to get out of the way of recruitment, he may not get the chance, but since officers are always needed, he can. I would like to receive a written statement from your doctor stating that no progress has been made with your recent eye examination report. If you do not get an exception, you will not be able to access anything.

AR 40501

Episode 2

Physical rules for meetings, appointments and attendance

212. Eyes

Grass glasses

(1) Current Afakia (9379,) 31), date of spectacle wearing or date of disqualification or date of spectacle dislocation.

I have served before and applied for commission at MEPS last week. When I joined the team I had to get all my previous paperwork (for mild heart complaints and LASIK surgery) that I sent to MEPS, and I'm sure you have They still exist. At the end of the line. If you expect the military to negotiate effectively, you are wrong. Especially if it benefits you.

From the Medical Standards Regulation ...

The current spectacle (379, 31), the date of wearing the lens, or the date of the current spectacle or dislocation is being disqualified.

You will not receive a discount

Talk to the recruiter.

Meps Eye Exam Waiver