Menu Bar

Menu Bar,

Menu Bar Meanings:

  • Menu Bar can be defined as, On a computer screen, at the top of an open window is a banner containing a drop-down menu of functions, B-files, edits, etc.

Literal Meanings of Menu Bar


Meanings of Menu:
  1. List of dishes available in the restaurant.

Sentences of Menu
  1. The waiter gave you the menu

Synonyms of Menu

bill of fare, card, tariff


Meanings of Bar:
  1. Secure with one or more bars (anything, especially a door or window).

  2. To prevent (anyone) from doing or going anywhere

  3. Mark (some) with slash or line.

  4. Except outside.

  5. A long stick or hard piece of wood, metal, or similar material is often used as a barrier, accessory, or weapon.

  6. Counter serving alcohol or soft drinks.

  7. Obstruction or restriction in any process or proceeding.

  8. Measuring music or musical rhythm.

  9. Scores in the courts or legislatures are now generally fictitious that most people cannot go beyond that, and the courts in which the defendant finds himself.

  10. One unit of pressure per 100,000 Newtons per square meter, or about one atmosphere.

Sentences of Bar
  1. He closes and closes the door

  2. Journalists are barred from covering the election

  3. His face is mad with light

  4. Except for a few, only a few people want it

  5. Iron rod

  6. Stand at the bar

  7. Political differences are not necessarily an obstacle to good relations.

  8. The first time of the first rosary

  9. Defendant

  10. His resignation from the Singapore Bar Association

  11. For divers, however, it offers an interesting glimpse into another world, a world so shallow that it is difficult to emerge without at least a hundred bars.

Synonyms of Bar

barrier, prop, with the exception of, short of, strut, handicap, except for, secure, spar, stake, stumbling block, leaving out, impediment, inhibit, pale, save for, spoke, stop, obstruct, shank, except, preclude