Mental models

Mental models,

Definition of Mental models:

  1. Beliefs, ideas, images, and verbal descriptions that we consciously or unconsciously form from our experiences and which (when formed) guide our thoughts and actions within narrow channels. These representations of perceived reality explain cause and effect to us, and lead us to expect certain results, give meaning to events, and predispose us to behave in certain ways. Although mental models provide internal stability in a world of continuous change, they also blind us to facts and ideas that challenge or defy our deeply held beliefs. They are, by their very nature, fuzzy and incomplete. And everyone has different models (that differ in detail from everyone elses) of the same concept or subject, no matter how common or simple.

How to use Mental models in a sentence?

  1. The mental models analysis helped us get inside our customers minds and we concluded there were distinct cultural biases and preferences.
  2. Children who are exposed to dysfunctional relationships are more likely to develop an unhealthy mental models of a relationship, which can lead to unhappy adult-relationships.
  3. You need to make sure that you dont be to set in your mental models that you can not change if new evidence comes to light.

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