Definition of Menial:

  1. A person with a menial job.

  2. (of work) not requiring much skill and lacking prestige.

  3. A type of unskilled labor that offers low wages and tedious, uninteresting work.

Synonyms of Menial

Unskilled, Lowly, Humble, Low-grade, Low-status, Routine, Humdrum, Boring, Dull, Attendant, Attending, Base, Blue-collar worker, Bootlicker, Breadwinner, Brown-nosing, Casual, Casual laborer, Common laborer, Cringing, Day laborer, Degrading, Demeaning, Domestic, Domestic servant, Drudge, Employee, Factory worker, Fag, Fawning, Flattering, Flunky, Free lance, Free-lancer, Full-time worker, Gofer, Hand, Help, Helping, Humble, Ignoble, Industrial worker, Jobber, Jobholder, Laborer, Laboring man, Lackey, Leech, Lickspittle, Low, Lowly, Mean, Migrant, Minion, Ministering, Moiler, Navvy, Obeisant, Obsequious, Office temporary, Parasite, Proletarian, Roustabout, Routine, Salaried worker, Scullion, Self-employed person, Serf, Servant, Servile, Serving, Servitor, Servitorial, Slave, Slavey, Slavish, Stiff, Submissive, Subservient, Sycophant, Sycophantic, Temporary, Toady, Toadying, Toiler, Turnspit, Underling, Unskilled, Wage earner, Wage slave, Wageworker, Waiting, Worker, Workgirl, Workhand, Working girl, Workingman, Workingwoman, Workman, Yes-man

How to use Menial in a sentence?

  1. Despite tall claims that a determined attempt to eradicate child labour has been initiated, hundreds and thousands of children are still languishing as menials in households, if not in hazardous industries.
  2. Menial factory jobs.

Meaning of Menial & Menial Definition