Definition of Memo:

  1. A written message, especially in business.

  2. A short message sent from one person to another in the same organization.

Synonyms of Memo

Message, Communication, Note, Email, Letter, Epistle, Missive, Adversaria, Aide-memoire, Annotation, Chit, Directive, Docket, Entry, Footnote, Item, Jotting, Marginal note, Marginalia, Memoir, Memorandum, Memorial, Minutes, Notation, Note, Notice, Register, Registry, Reminder, Scholia, Scholium

How to use Memo in a sentence?

  1. The prolonged power outage forced all the employees to resort to using handwritten memo s to communicate between departments about procedural changes.
  2. When I had to pull together an impromptu training for staff I just sent out a brief memo letting them know the details on where and when it was.
  3. An unnamed official was so alarmed by the draft that he wrote a highly unusual memo of protest.
  4. Bill showed up to work today wearing a suit! Apparently he did not receive the memo that Casual Fridays were back on. Our boss allowed him to run home for a change of clothes though!.

Meaning of Memo & Memo Definition


Memo Meanings:

  • Commonly used for communication within an organization. Memos can be in the form of an official letter or an informal note addressed to colleagues.

Meanings of Memo

  1. Text messages, especially in business.

Sentences of Memo

  1. An unnamed official was so concerned about the plan that he wrote a very unusual protest note.