What is Meltdown?

  • A situation where someone or someone suddenly stops working.

Meanings of Meltdown

  1. Catastrophic events include a sharp fall in stock prices.

  2. Nuclear reactor accident that caused the fuel to overheat and melt the reactor core or shield.

Sentences of Meltdown

  1. Stock market crash in 1987

  2. He is 21 years old and it has been three days since the reactor core was partially melted.

Synonyms of Meltdown

steep fall, plunge, drop, collapse, tumble, plummet, downturn, downswing, slide, decline, falling off, decrease, lowering, devaluation, depreciation, disaster, catastrophe, calamity, tragedy, act of God, devastation, crisis, holocaust, ruin, ruination, upheaval, convulsion, blow, shock, reverse