Melhores Marcas De Porcelanato

Melhores Marcas De Porcelanato

What is your Chinese brand? 3

You traded or established and would like to choose a good brand.

A mailer in Portobello and one of the worst in Portenary not afraid of quality.


Hello Isabeth. As a brand we offer not only Mailer porcelain flooring but also Sul or Alien, Portobello, Ensipa, Roca, Pamisa, Portinari, Itagres and Giotoko are available not only beautiful porcelain stoneware but also kitchen matte. Tires too.

What to know or Delta Abom?

Portobello, Elian, Giotoko, Ensipa.

Brands are not always everything; Bon Porcelain Bon Sao, which speaks of super gloss, is more expensive, but yes, it is resistant to stains and scratches.

I kept it in my house and it was cool, it cost 67 reis or more.

The price also depends on the color, nails and are the most expensive.


All brands use the same system, the price of porcelain tile is 30 reis, and the price of porcelain tile is 50 reis, and the price of porcelain tile is 90 to 150 reis, So expensive that porcelain tile costs 30 reis, it should not be. The highest quality porcelain stoneware, from 90 to 150 reis, the price of hair will be almost impossible!

Hello Elizabeth Charming! The china I ate was beautiful and detailed. More about Indian porcelain; very detailed. However, Portuguese porcelain is very versatile. Happy New Year Cat, BJKS. See the way he rents ... Valeuunnn !!! Â

Melhores Marcas De Porcelanato