Melhores Cães De Guarda

Melhores Cães De Guarda

Violent or protective dog? 3

What to buy

What ethnic voices are suggested?

They provide a list of Mels cès da guard:

German Shepherd Dog

Features: RAW beliefs built specifically to defend property, society, poor leadership and policing activities.

Benefits: Respond effectively to an ■■■■■■. The weekend is long. Beware of barnacles or sharp penetrators. He obeys and is good at intimidating. Adapted to any climate in small, central Spain.

Disadvantages: By virtue of this, many Exelar foremen were removed by bad cross. I've already lost some of the original characters, racial style, or the result is a mood but unstable. Apply special treatment with coat.

Sociality: Being of good race, connected with family and showing interest in teaching children's sports. However, agree not to abuse.

The cost of the filter

400 to 1500 Reis

Root Wheeler

Traits: Muscular, active and strong. It weighs between 42 and 50 kg. Suspicious and very strict temperament. The ancestor of the Rottweiler was used in Condr or Cattle. Don't ■■■■ your ■■■, ideal for policing

Advantages: * Great code keeper. I like that the pastor fits well with the mind and the closed spaces.

Disadvantages: Specify whether or not a donation is received. I know you have a tendency to question atheists or traitors. There is a high incidence of cancer due to genetic cross that leads to the root.

Sociality: Treated, you can live close to a partner, but good service - everything with the kids

The cost of the filter

400 to 1500 reis


Features: Medium size here, original or Doberman fe used it almost exclusively as a search and scout. But it can also be used as a police and war code.

Benefits: Excellent finish, frightened or invasive hair, hair that breaks and beats and reacts quickly to any stimulus. Angry at the violence. Very active and a little expert

Disadvantages: Can be a bit stubborn and does not do well with other animations. Becomes

Sociality: Can be brought up at home and jump like children as they usually do.

The cost of the filter

700 to 2,000 reis


Characteristics: The roots come from dog crossings, the address of which was found in Landishire in 1631. No genes have already been found with animals. Later, the software was changed for use in guard, hunting and pastoral. For use

Benefits: Confident and fearless, impressive hair size and heart rate

Disadvantages: Not a very active dog. It can be a little scary and no more moving. Give back attention is not a good idea

Collective: It is customary to respect family members, but children should not be abused. Estrans is backed up and can be attacked. Becomes

The cost of the filter

400 to 800 reis


Features: This breed comes from cà £ lineage and has been popular throughout Europe since the 16th century. Or boxers are used as fights. As a rhythm, trust is recognized as the ultimate guardian code.

Advantages: You are kind of smart. Dog Pump Company Well suited for small and medium Spanish. Good hearing, or one that is allowed to be recognized, or the right place to intervene.

Disadvantages: Hate living with other animals

Socialide: Have a good relationship with children.

The cost of the filter

300 to 800 reis

German dog

Features: Big door, friendly, active, obedient and quiet with threshold

Profession: Guard and companion ■■■■. Lives well with other ■■■■■

Disadvantages: Your park is scary, but; very

The patron takes too much food and space for the number.

Socialide: Meet the owners.

The cost of the filter

300 to 800 reis

It helps!

Every dog ​​can be a breed or breed protector code.

The guard is Cé or Melr or Dobberman, but To have (he's too bad) Aconsel or Pitbull.

From buying a well-defined dog from you, to those kennels that are hesitant to make good marks or the first crossing of the Fau breed, it could be Pastor Alemà £ o or Rottw. Don't buy haircuts of these generations on Google and chat again. Good steaks, cheap or custom made, but usually a dog pump is essential for storage, price or investment.

It's up to Edelson. The style and mood of The Watchdogs varies from melody to race.

Called a friendly and protective dog, he can do a little bit, his face is not bad, more than strong vor and aggivo when he takes action, or it will be ideal compared to AKITA.

It repeatedly, as a defender of the strong, fearful, perfect defender of history, expresses the desire of the owners to be able to defend to the final result or ideally in DOBERMAN.

It's called a strong, stocky, bad-man dog, very good at spar and at the moment very much in the media, or ideally; a root wheeler,

They are called traditional dogs and historical coms that are purchased at various locations (or multi-purpose c࣠or © one), including guards, or ideally PASTEUR ALEMO.

It is now called n میں in the dog that requires ■■■■■■ to be beneficial. Used to warn, intimidate, threaten or cause an ■■■■■■, but to wreak havoc, or ideally FOX PAULISTINHA, FOX TERRIER and others like it, PINCHERS and VIRALATAS are from Germany.

I do not recommend PIT BULL, but it is not that many people do not believe in imaa or pit bull protection rules and pay attention to the issues that arise when we use it on a child like That pea or das is already more. Aggression can be coercive and uncontrollable. Ideal pit bull; one who is aggivo with other animals (here we are god parents), more gentle and calm than they say, he wants to act as protector, then encourage or area Wants to show anger to save, he can raise dogs, it is very dangerous and unexpected. Steel and good selection.

Melhores Cães De Guarda

Melhores Cães De Guarda

Tosa Ano (a Mustaf).

Faces like Honey Protector Breeds are German Shepherd, Bars, Root Wheeler, Doberman and Belgian Shepherd!

Out of all of them, I prefer Belgian Shepherds, Root Wheelers and German Shepherds! The answer!

Special help.

Melhores Cães De Guarda