Mei Lai Wah

Mei Lai Wah

What does me wow mean? 3

I was designing a logo for my friend so I was wondering what me wow means.


have to go

What does that mean?

Mei Lai Wah

Mei Lai Wah

Are you there wow

mei is an acronym for mei li in Chinese, which means beautiful, but it can also be an acronym for mei guo [USA]. USA] means USA, United States of America, United States of America, USA, etc.

Wow means extravagance, extravagance, etc. in Cantonese, but here it means only one or these people.

So the name is half Mandarin and half Cantonese or some other southern dialect or sub dialect.

This is a curse used in restaurants to eat an unlimited number of meals!

This is a joke. I wear this kind of dress.

I do not know.

It seems so or not? MDR

Mei Lai Wah