Medsup (aka: Medigap)

Medsup (aka: Medigap),

Medsup (aka: Medigap):

  1. Private insurance that can be taken out as a complement to health insurance.

Literal Meanings of Medsup (aka: Medigap)


Meanings of Aka:
  1. Known as

Sentences of Aka
  1. Each month, Johnson, alias Thornton, tries to prove the truth by demanding an increase in interest rates through the RBA.

  2. And for these allegations, it was actually Ms. Tommy Ra Ra, then known as Ms. James Brown.

  3. In other news, I know you're all looking forward to Kerry's first trip, otherwise known as K-Mac.

  4. Jack, also known as the Green Fairy, is obsessed with the problem of not having the mental strength to write.

  5. Unleash real talents as writers: Willie Russell and Tim Firth, also known as Playwright.

  6. Who would have thought that Ted White would lose in North Vancouver, in which he had forgotten the time?

  7. The camp is hosted by St. Lucia basketball fan number one Morgan George alias Mr. Magic.

  8. You can get paid for it, but it doesn't work for a sexy Randhawa alias Jasmeet Kaur.

  9. Its fast-paced music and the movements of singer Paul Keho, aka Scammel, ensure a great night out.

Synonyms of Aka

otherwise known as, aka, otherwise, also called


Meanings of Medigap:
  1. One of the few limited forms of private health insurance in the United States that pays for medical benefits in addition to state health insurance benefits. Generally attributed.