Medium of exchange

Medium of exchange,

Definition of Medium of exchange:

  1. Commodity, currency, or a financial instrument used in commercial transactions between buyers and sellers as a measure and standard of value. A distinguishing characteristic of money is its ability to be used as a medium of exchange.

Synonyms of Medium of exchange

And pence, Cash, Circulating medium, Coinage, Coined liberty, Cold cash, Currency, Dollars, Emergency money, Filthy lucre, Fractional currency, Gold, Hard cash, Hard currency, Legal tender, Lucre, Mammon, Managed currency, Mintage, Money, Necessity money, Pelf, Postage currency, Postal currency, Pounds, Scrip, Shillings, Silver, Soft currency, Specie, Sterling, The almighty dollar, The wherewith, The wherewithal

Meaning of Medium of exchange & Medium of exchange Definition