Definition of Mediocrity:

  1. Being average and ordinary. Jane wouldnt settle for mediocrity; she worked her hardest to complete her work ahead of time, and always achieve excellence, so she would be seen as an above-average employee..

  2. The quality or state of being mediocre.

Synonyms of Mediocrity

Ordinariness, Commonplaceness, Lack of inspiration, Passableness, Adequacy, Indifference, Middle America, A nobody, A nothing, Adulteration, Average, Balance, Baseness, Bourgeoisie, Burgherdom, Center, Cipher, Common man, Defectibility, Defectiveness, Deficiency, Dull tool, Dummy, Erroneousness, Failure, Fallibility, Faultiness, Fewness, Figurehead, Fourth-rater, Generality, Golden mean, Greenhorn, Happy medium, Immaturity, Impairment, Imperfection, Impurity, Inability, Inaccuracy, Inadeptness, Inadequacy, Inadequateness, Inaptitude, Inaptness, Inattentiveness, Incapability, Incapable, Incapacity, Incompetence, Incompetency, Incompetent, Incompleteness, Indexterity, Ineffectiveness, Ineffectuality, Inefficiency, Ineptness, Inexactitude, Inexactness, Insignificancy, Insufficiency, Jackstraw, Juste-milieu, Lack, Lightweight, Little fellow, Little guy, Littleness, Maladjustment, Maladroitness, Man of straw, Mean, Meanness, Median, Medium, Middle, Middle class, Middle course, Middle ground, Middle order, Middle orders, Middle point, Middle position, Middle state, Middle-of-the-road, Midpoint, Nebbish, No conjuror, No prize, Nobody one knows, Nobody special, Nonentity, Norm, Normal, Nothing special, Obscurity, Par, Patchiness, Pedestrianism, Pettiness, Pip-squeak, Punk, Rule, Run, Runt, Rustiness, Scrub, Second-rater, Shabbiness, Shortage, Shortcoming, Shrimp, Silent majority, Sketchiness, Skill-lessness, Small beer, Small fry, Small potato, Small potatoes, Smallness, Squirt, Squit, Subnormality, Suburbia, Third-rater, Thoughtlessness, Tinhorn, Triviality, Unaptness, Uncleverness, Undeftness, Undevelopment, Undexterousness, Undextrousness, Unevenness, Unfitness, Unfittedness, Unintelligence, Unperfectedness, Unproficiency, Unschooledness, Unskillfulness, Unsoundness, Untrainedness, Via media, Vulgarity, Want, Whiffet, Whippersnapper

How to use Mediocrity in a sentence?

  1. Heroes rising above the mediocrity that surrounds them.
  2. The company avoided any policies that promoted mediocrity in the workforce so that they could ensure high reaching performance from all employees.
  3. Antonio aspired to greatness, but was devastated by critics who failed to be impressed and instead, continually dwelled upon his ever-present mediocrity .
  4. After playing baseball and making 3 errors in the outfield my coach said I was living in mediocrity out there.

Meaning of Mediocrity & Mediocrity Definition