Medicare Has Wrong Date Of Birth

Medicare Has Wrong Date Of Birth

w Can I find out if Medicare is on the wrong date for my mother? 3

The latest Medicare medical application has been rejected because the nth date does not match the Medicare record.

You cannot contact Medicare directly because Medicare is not authorized to provide this information on your behalf.

The only way to find out is for your mother to find out about Medicare herself and tell you about it.

In fact, there is an easy way:

Medicare and Social Security work with the latest data from the same database. Check your social security papers.

If this is not your mother's power of attorney, you will either have to get it or ask her to do it.

But basically you call the supplier and look at the history on their record. He then called Medicare and asked for his date of birth. In general, this deadline is the same as Jamsostek's, so you may need to check it out as well.

Does your mother not have a Medicare card? The easiest way to do this is to take out the card, look at it, and then call the doctor to see if there are any dates.

You do not need to go to Medicare, you need to contact Jamsostek. Medicare receives your information from them. Do you have your own certificate? In that case, ask your mother to call you (or you, if you are a lawyer) and check the dates on the SS file. If you're wrong, all you need is a certified copy of the deed so they can change it.

I see several possibilities:

1. The doctor wakes up and the date is wrong. It happened to me

2. Your mother has dementia and is not on the right date.

3. You filled out the form for yourself and you do not know the date of your retirement. Maybe he lied to you about his age?

4. Medicare was canceled. Well, I cleaned it up. It would be better if you set the wrong date now.

Medicare Has Wrong Date Of Birth