Medicare beneficiary

Medicare beneficiary,

Definition of Medicare beneficiary:

  1. Anyone determined by the Social Security Administration to be eligible for Medicare benefits.

Meaning of Medicare beneficiary & Medicare beneficiary Definition

Medicare Beneficiary,

What is The Meaning of Medicare Beneficiary?

The definition of Medicare Beneficiary is: Anyone eligible for medical care benefits under the eligibility rules is set by the Social Security Agency.

Literal Meanings of Medicare Beneficiary


Meanings of Medicare:
  1. Federal health insurance system for people 65 years of age or older and certain persons with disabilities.

Sentences of Medicare
  1. How did Medicare respond to the Federal Health Insurance Program for the Elderly?


Meanings of Beneficiary:
  1. Someone who benefits from something, especially trust, willpower or life insurance.

Sentences of Beneficiary
  1. Australia will be the beneficiary of a policy that does not need to be signed.

Synonyms of Beneficiary

legatee, inheritor, heir, heiress