Medical Spending Accounts (msas).

Medical Spending Accounts (msas).,

Medical Spending Accounts (msas). Meanings:

  1. Mutual funds such as IRAs can be used to pay for medical expenses in conjunction with health insurance with maximum deductions. Of these, only 750,000 MSAs are available nationally in a pilot program that will run from 2000. To qualify, you must hire yourself or the employer that offers this program.

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Meanings of Medical:
  1. Medical science or the treatment of diseases and wounds.

Sentences of Medical
  1. Medical center

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technological, technical


Meanings of Spending:
  1. Giving (money) to help or pay for goods, services or something

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Sentences of Spending
  1. The company spent 000 100,000 on equipment

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Meanings of Accounts:
  1. See or see yourself in a certain way.

  2. Set up or upload files for accounts with specific or accepted amounts.

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  4. An agreement in which an organization will hold funds on behalf of a customer or provide goods or services to a customer on credit.

  5. An agreement that gives a user personal access to a computer, website, or application by entering their personal username and password.

Sentences of Accounts
  1. In order to report accurately, the trustee should not confuse trust assets with other properties.

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  3. The bartender does the math

  4. He doesn't care about money

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think of as, narrative, importance, deem, story, adjudge, count, weightiness, recital, explanation, delineation, balance sheet, version, statement, see as, sketch, import, note, judge, substance, interpretation, mark, hold to be, bank account, ledger, look on as, view as