Definition of Mediation:

  1. Use an independent, impartial and respectable third party (called a mediator or arbitrator) to resolve disputes instead of choosing to mediate or dispute. Unlike an arbitrator, the arbitrator has no legal authority to force him to accept his decision, but relies on the belief that an agreement has been reached. Also called arbitration.

  2. Intervene in a dispute to resolve it through mediation.

Synonyms of Mediation

Interposition, Resort, Good offices, Going between, Expedient, Soothing, United Nations troops, Recourse, Detente, Peace-keeping force, Conciliation, Agency, Service, Intervention, Intermediation, Mechanism, Dulcification, Placation, Device, Appeasement, Peacemongering, Placability, Propitiation, Machinery, Intercession, Calming, Peacemaking, Easing of relations, Arbitration, Pacification, Mollification, Reconciliation, Instrumentality, Tranquilization, Conciliation, Relaxation of tension

How to use Mediation in a sentence?

  1. The parties requested mediation and failed.
  2. If both parties fail to reach an agreement, they should turn to a third party for mediation.
  3. The company hired a better, neutral third party to reach the best possible agreement to guide mediation in the new merger negotiations.
  4. Paula and Tim are unable to reach an agreement and will seek the intervention of a third party to resolve their current dispute.

Meaning of Mediation & Mediation Definition