Media marketing


Definition of MEDIA MARKETING:

  • MEDIA MARKETING definition is: Inquire directly from insurance companies through any means other than agents: television, radio, live mail, etc. - Insurance sales.

Literal Meanings of MEDIA MARKETING


Meanings of MEDIA:
  1. The most important mass media (radio, publishing and internet) are considered together.

  2. Average sum

  3. The middle layer on the walls of blood vessels or lymphatic vessels.

  4. An ancient region of Asia in the western Caspian Sea, similar to today's Azerbaijan, northwestern Iran and northeastern Iraq. Originally inhabited by fear, this area was rebuilt in 550 BC. Be victorious By Cyrus the Great, from Persia.

Sentences of MEDIA
  1. Your order was published by the media


Meanings of MARKETING:
  1. Initiatives or activities to promote and sell products and services, including market research and advertising.

Sentences of MARKETING
  1. Western art of marketing and sales

Synonyms of MARKETING

trafficking, financial transactions, transactions, trading, business practices, marketing, business, commerce, business methods, merchandising