Definition of Mechanistic:

  1. A viewpoint that states that the behavior of complex systems, such as individuals, societies, and economies, are determined strictly by the interactions of the parts or factors of which they are composed. Mechanistic theories are in opposition to philosophies such as vitalism, which claim that the behavior of a system is influenced by a separate or external quality, such as the spirit of a nation or the mood of an economy.

Synonyms of Mechanistic

Cyrenaic, Eleatic, Epicurean, Marxian, Marxist, Megarian, Stoic, Aeromechanical, Animist, Animistic, Atomistic, Biomechanical, Commonsense, Cosmotheistic, Eclectic, Empirical, Eudaemonistic, Existential, Hedonic, Hedonist, Hedonistic, Humanist, Humanistic, Hylomorphous, Hylotheistic, Idealistic, Instrumentalist, Locomotive, Locomotor, Materialist, Materialistic, Mechanical, Mechanist, Metaphysical, Monistic, Naturalist, Naturalistic, Nominalist, Panlogistical, Pantheistic, Positivist, Positivistic, Pragmatic, Pragmatist, Rationalistic, Realist, Realistic, Scholastic, Sensationalistic, Syncretistic, Theistic, Transcendentalist, Transcendentalistic, Utilitarian, Vitalistic, Voluntarist, Voluntaristic, Zoomechanical

How to use Mechanistic in a sentence?

  1. The society seemed to be a mechanistic one and it lacked the qualities that it needed to be a place he wanted to live.
  2. Of all his achievements, Daves HAL module was the one dearest to his heart, demonstrating his mechanistic view towards the practicality of self-learning algorithms.
  3. You can take a mechanistic way of thinking when you are starting a new project to try and figure out how to best proceed.

Meaning of Mechanistic & Mechanistic Definition