Definition of Mechanical:

  1. A final layout ready to use all elements of the work reproduced by commercial printing. It is a collage of text and images that are placed together on a piece of cardboard, usually combined with a transparent sheet (called an overlay) that is used as the top cover which Printing instructions can be written on Used when computer-generated artwork is not available. It is also called mechanical or adhesive art.

Synonyms of Mechanical

Level, Power-driven, Equable, Unwilling, Unintentional, Flat, Unvaried, Reflex, Insensible, Automated, Instinctive, Ordered, Unwitting, Balanced, Mechanistic, Compulsive, Undiversified, Distant, Methodic, Stable, Conditioned, Invariable, Habitual, Matter-of-fact, Reflexive, Unconscious, Unthinking, Involuntary, Persistent, Powered, Accordant, Blind, Unanimated, Smooth, Forced, Perfunctory, Monolithic, Equal, Colorless, Ritualistic, Immutable, Orderly, Lifeless, Steadfast, Continuous, Alike, Unchangeable, Dead, Unchanged, Aeromechanical, Constant, Locomotive, Cold, Unruffled, Uniform, Zoomechanical, Regular, Measured, Machinal, Unchanging, Unwilled, Unfeeling, Of a piece, Spiritless, Undeviating, Mechanized, Automatic, Correspondent, Unartistic, Even, Biomechanical, Consonant, Robotlike, Steady, Undifferentiated, Machine-made, Machinelike, Impersonal, Unemotional, Inanimate, Homogeneous, Impulsive, Consistent, Unbroken, Systematic, Uninspired, Routine, Unvarying, Locomotor

How to use Mechanical in a sentence?

  1. Sometimes it seems like the mechanical process will work one day, but if you persevere you are ready for anything.
  2. When there are a lot of people on the set, the filming process can be very mechanical and not artistic.
  3. Before a designer company publishes a new brochure, company executives want to check with mechanics to make color choices.

Meaning of Mechanical & Mechanical Definition

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