Definition of Mean:

  1. A mean is the simple mathematical average of a set of two or more numbers. The mean for a given set of numbers can be computed in more than one way, including the arithmetic mean method, which uses the sum of the numbers in the series, and the geometric mean method, which is the average of a set of products. However, all of the primary methods of computing a simple average produce the same approximate result most of the time.

  2. Simple or arithmetic average of a range of values or quantities, computed by dividing the total of all values by the number of values. For example, the mean of 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 is (15 ÷ 5) = 3. It is the most common and best general purpose measure of the mid-point (around which all other values cluster) of a set of values, but is prone to distortion by the presence of extreme values and may require use of a measure of distortion (such as mean deviation or standard deviation). Also called arithmetic mean. See also median and mode.

  3. Intend (something) to occur or be the case.

  4. Intend to convey, indicate, or refer to (a particular thing or notion); signify.

  5. The mean is a statistical indicator that can be used to gauge the performance of a company’s stock price over a period of days, months, or years, a company through its earnings over a number of years, a firm by assessing its fundamentals such as price-to-earnings ratio, free cash flow, and liabilities on the balance sheet, and a portfolio by estimating its average returns over a certain period.

  6. Have as a consequence or result.

Phonetic Pronunciation of Mean


Origin of word Mean

Middle English from Old French meien, from Latin medianus ‘middle’ (see median).

Synonyms of Mean

Signify, Convey, Denote, Designate, Indicate, Connote, Show, Express, Spell out, Stand for, Represent, Symbolize, Imply, Purport, Suggest, Allude to, Intimate, Hint at, Insinuate, Drive at, Refer to, Herculean, Lenten, Mickey Mouse, OK, Spartan, Abject, Abominable, Absolutely, Abstemious, Abstruse, Abysmal, Ace-high, Add up to, Affect, Agency, Agent, Ailing, Aim, Aim at, Allegorize, Allude to, Amidships, Apparatus, Approach, Arduous, Argue, Arrant, Ascetic, Aspire after, Aspire to, Assets, Assume, Assuredly, At all events, At any cost, Atrocious, Attest, Augur, Austere, Authoritarian, Avenue, Average, Backing, Bad, Bad-tempered, Baleful, Banal, Bang-up, Base, Base-minded, Baseborn, Be after, Be construed as, Be indicative of, Be significant of, Be symptomatic of, Bearish, Beggarly, Below the salt, Beneath contempt, Bespeak, Betoken, Bigot, Bigoted, Bitchy, Bonzer, Borne, Boss, Brandish, Breathe, Bring forth, Bring forward, Bring into view, Bring out, Bring to mind, Bring to notice, Brutal, Bully, Bundle, But good, By all means, By dint of, By means of, By no means, By way of, Cankered, Cantankerous, Capital, Carry, Center, Central, Certainly, Channel, Characterize, Cheap, Cheesy, Churlish, Close, Closed, Coarse, Cockney, Common, Commonplace, Communicate, Complex, Compromise, Connote, Constricted, Contemplate, Contemptible, Convey, Cool, Core, Corking, Count, Course, Crabbed, Crackerjack, Cramped, Cranky, Creedbound, Critical, Cross, Cross-grained, Cruel, Crummy, Crusty, Cussed, Dandy, Dangle, Deaf, Deaf to reason, Debased, Declasse, Deficient, Definitely, Degenerate, Degraded, Delicate, Delicious, Demanding, Demonstrate, Denominate, Denote, Depraved, Design, Designate, Desire, Despicable, Destine, Determine, Develop, Diameter, Diaphragm, Differentiate, Difficile, Difficult, Dirty, Disagreeable, Disclose, Disgraceful, Disgusting, Dismal, Disobliging, Display, Divine, Divulge, Donsie, Dramatize, Dreary, Drive at, Ducky, Dwarfed, Dwarfish, Effective, Embody, Enact, Entail, Equator, Equatorial, Equidistant, Equipment, Estate, Evidence, Evince, Exacting, Excellent, Exceptional, Excitable, Execrable, Exhibit, Exiguous, Expect, Expose to view, Express, Fab, Fair, Fairish, Fanatical, Fashion, Feisty, Fence, Finances, Fine and dandy, Flagrant, Flaunt, Flourish, Foreshadow, Foretell, Foretoken, Formidable, Fortune, Foul, Fourth-class, Fractious, Frugal, Fulsome, Funds, Gaudy, Gear, Get across, Get over, Gimcracky, Give evidence, Give sign, Give token, Go for, Golden mean, Grave, Great, Groovy, Gross, Grudging, Hack, Hairy, Half measures, Half-and-half measures, Halfway, Halfway measures, Happy medium, Harbor a design, Hard, Hard-earned, Hard-fought, Harmful, Hateful, Have every intention, Have in mind, Have in view, Heart, Heavy, Heinous, Herald, Hidebound, Highlight, Hint, Hint at, Holdings, Homely, Hope, Hostile, Hot, Huffish, Huffy, Humble, Humble-looking, Humble-visaged, Humblest, Hunky-dory, Identify, Ignoble, Ill-tempered, Illiberal, Illuminate, Imperfect, Implicate, Imply, Import, Impoverished, In any case, In any event, In no way, Inadequate, Incarnate, Incompetent, Indicate, Indifferent, Indisposed, Ineffectual, Infer, Inferior, Inglorious, Iniquitous, Innocuous, Insinuate, Instrument, Instrumentality, Instrumentation, Insufficient, Insular, Intangibles, Intend, Intercurrent, Interior, Interjacent, Intermediary, Intermediate, Intervenient, Intervening, Intimate, Intricate, Invidious, Involve, Irascible, Irregular, Irritable, Jam-up, Jawbreaking, Jejune, Just dandy, Keen, Kernel, Knotted, Knotty, Laborious, Lean, Least, Limited, Little, Little-minded, Low, Low-class, Low-down, Low-grade, Low-minded, Low-quality, Low-test, Lowborn, Lowbred, Lowest, Lowliest, Lowly, Lumpen, Machinery, Make clear, Make plain, Maladroit, Malefic, Maleficent, Malicious, Malign, Malignant, Mangy, Manifest, Manner, Mark, Marvy, Materialize, Meager, Mean, Mean to say, Mean-minded, Mean-spirited, Means, Measly, Medial, Median, Mediocre, Mediterranean, Medium, Menial, Mercenary, Meretricious, Mesial, Mesne, Method, Mezzo, Mid, Middle, Middle course, Middle ground, Middle way, Middle-of-the-road, Middlemost, Middling, Midland, Midmost, Midriff, Midships, Midst, Midway, Mind, Mingy, Ministry, Miserable, Miserly, Mode, Moderate, Moderateness, Moderation, Modest, Money, Moneybags, Monstrous, Name, Narrow, Narrow-hearted, Narrow-minded, Narrow-souled, Narrow-spirited, Nasty, Near, Nearsighted, Neat, Nefarious, Nest egg, Neutral ground, Nifty, Niggard, Niggardly, No matter what, No picnic, No way, Nobby, Nonclerical, Norm, Normal, Not at all, Not comparable, Not easy, Not in it, Note, Noxious, Nuclear, Nucleus, Obnoxious, Odious, Of course, Okay, On no account, Operose, Ordinary, Organ, Ornery, Out of it, Out of sight, Paltry, Par, Parade, Paraphernalia, Parochial, Parsimonious, Pathetic, Peachy, Peachy-keen, Penny-pinching, Penurious, Perform, Perverse, Pesky, Petty, Pile, Pinchpenny, Pitiable, Pitiful, Plain, Plan, Plebeian, Pocket, Point indirectly to, Point to, Poky, Poor, Portend, Position, Positively, Possessions, Prefigure, Preindicate, Presage, Present, Presign, Presignal, Presignify, Presume, Presuppose, Pretypify, Procedure, Process, Produce, Project, Proletarian, Promise, Property, Propose, Provincial, Punk, Puny, Purblind, Purport, Purpose, Purse, Rank, Refer to, Represent, Reptilian, Reserves, Resolve, Resources, Reveal, Rigorous, Ripping, Roll out, Rough, Routine, Rubbishy, Rude, Rugged, Rum, Run-down, Sad, Savings, Scabby, Scant, Scanty, Scrawny, Scrimp, Scrimpy, Scrubby, Scruffy, Scrumptious, Scummy, Scurvy, Scuzzy, Second-best, Second-class, Second-rate, Seedy, Servile, Set, Set forth, Set with thorns, Severe, Shabby, Shabby-genteel, Shoddy, Shortsighted, Show, Show forth, Signal, Signify, Simple, Skilled, Skimp, Skimpy, Slap-up, Slavish, Sleazy, Slender, Slight, Slim, Small, Small-minded, Smashing, Snappish, So-so, Solid, Something else, Sordid, Sorry, Sour, Spare, Sparing, Specify, Spell, Spiffing, Spiffy, Spiny, Spiteful, Spleeny, Splenetic, Spotlight, Squalid, Stand for, Standard, Starvation, Steep, Stingy, Stinted, Stinting, Straitened, Straitlaced, Strenuous, Stuffy, Stunning, Stunted, Submissive, Subservient, Subsistence, Substance, Suggest, Support, Suppose, Surely, Swell, Symbolize, Symptomatize, Symptomize, System, Tacky, Take for granted, Tatty, Teachable, Technique, Testify, Testy, Thick, Thick of things, Thin, Think, Third-class, Third-estate, Third-rate, Thorny, Through, Ticklish, Tight, Tight-fisted, Tightfisted, Tinny, Toilsome, Token, Tough, Trashy, Tricky, Trot out, Troublous, Trumpery, Two-for-a-cent, Two-for-a-penny, Twopenny, Twopenny-halfpenny, Typify, Ugly, Unaccommodating, Uncatholic, Uncharitable, Unchivalrous, Undignified, Undistinguished, Unfold, Ungenerous, Ungenteel, Unimportant, Unkind, Unliberal, Unmentionable, Unnourishing, Unnutritious, Unpleasant, Unpretentious, Unskillful, Unwashed, Uphill, Using, Usual, Valueless, Vehicle, Vexatious, Via, Via media, Vile, Vulgar, Waist, Waistline, Want, Waspish, Watered, Watery, Wave, Way, Ways, Wealth, Weigh, Wherewithal, Wicked, Wish, Without fail, Wizard, Wonderful, Worthless, Wretched, Zone, Entail, Involve, Necessitate, Lead to, Result in, Give rise to, Bring about, Cause, Engender, Produce, Effect, Intend, Aim, Plan, Design, Have in mind, Have in view, Contemplate, Think of, Purpose, Propose, Have plans, Set out, Aspire, Desire, Want, Wish, Expect

How to use Mean in a sentence?

  1. Finding the mean , median, and mode of a set of numbers are critical math skills taught to school children at an early age.
  2. Summing the numbers in a set and dividing by the total number gives you the arithmetic mean.
  3. The geometric mean is more complicated and involves multiplication of the numbers taking the nth root.
  4. The arithmetic mean and the geometric mean are two types of mean that can be calculated.
  5. I dont know what you mean.
  6. They mean no harm.
  7. The proposals are likely to mean another hundred closures.
  8. The mean helps to assess the performance of an investment or company over a period of time, and many other uses.
  9. The mean is also known commonly as the average and is a basic mathematical function which allows us to better understand populations.
  10. I am 26 years old, my brother is 22 years old, and my sister is 24 years old; our mean age is 24 years.
  11. The mean is the mathematical average of a set of two or more numbers.

Meaning of Mean & Mean Definition