Definition of Mean:

  1. The average is an average of two or more sets of common math. The average of a set of numbers can be calculated in many ways, including the mathematical mean method, which uses the sum of the numbers in a series, and the geographical mean method, which means a set. Number products. However, all the simple basic resources often provide the same estimating results.

  2. A simple or mathematical resource of a range of values ​​or measures, with which the sum of all values ​​is divided by the number of values. For example, this means 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 (15 ÷ 5) = 3. This is the focal point of the corn rate due to the presence of the corn rate (where all the other values ​​were grouped Is the most common and universal scale. Extremely weak prices and bias measures (e.g., mean or standard deviation) may need to be used against bias. It is also called the meaning of mathematics. See also Median and Mood.

  3. Wait for (something) to happen or happen.

  4. Trying to explain, express or relate the meaning of (a particular thing or term).

  5. Average statistics are indicators that can be used to evaluate the performance of a company's stock price over several days, months, or years. , Free cash. Flows and dues in balance sheets and portfolios, from time to time. Estimate over average profits from time to time.

  6. As a result or consequence.

Phonetic Pronunciation of Mean


Origin of word Mean

Middle English from Old French meien, from Latin medianus ‘middle’ (see median).

Synonyms of Mean

Tacky, Effective, Demanding, Suppose, Stinted, Interior, Ministry, Cheesy, Grudging, Pesky, Intend, Unnutritious, Bang-up, Punk, Hidebound, Fashion, Obnoxious, Mean, Austere, Fortune, Be after, Valueless, Denominate, Backing, Heinous, Carry, Money, Critical, Bring to notice, Norm, Humble-visaged, Vexatious, Presignal, Amidships, Tough, Sleazy, Uncatholic, Desire, Despicable, Tatty, Below the salt, Herculean, Rubbishy, Mesne, Trot out, Preindicate, Rank, Insular, Design, Mediocre, By means of, Pinchpenny, Ignoble, Subsistence, Nuclear, Engender, Position, Differentiate, Poor, Heart, Expose to view, Mercenary, Using, Instrument, Near, Rude, Go for, Through, Waspish, Base-minded, Stand for, Peachy, Organ, Splenetic, Huffy, Central, Purpose, Medial, Brandish, Manifest, Mangy, Thin, Skimpy, Hope, Hard-fought, Narrow-hearted, Breathe, Destine, Highlight, Unchivalrous, Give token, Third-class, Desire, Out of it, Symbolize, Waistline, Dandy, Mean-minded, Equipment, Little-minded, Parochial, Laborious, Abject, Mode, Unfold, Unimportant, Equatorial, Ace-high, Two-for-a-cent, Corking, Have in view, Contemplate, Severe, Involve, Grave, Fence, Spiffy, Knotty, Ascetic, Parade, Beggarly, Set, Bring out, Give rise to, Finances, Bigoted, Hot, By dint of, Halfway, Intangibles, Donsie, Boss, Imperfect, Complex, Meager, Indisposed, Prefigure, Malignant, Intervening, Refer to, Have in view, Atrocious, Difficult, Pile, Pathetic, Ducky, Golden mean, Lowest, Represent, Mark, Jam-up, By way of, Illuminate, Purport, Allude to, Miserable, Intermediate, Bad-tempered, Maleficent, Foretell, Odious, Without fail, Symbolize, Provincial, Shortsighted, Watery, Lumpen, In any case, Estate, Exacting, Mean-spirited, Ungenteel, Foretoken, Mid, Stingy, Gear, Necessitate, Middle course, Design, Small, Bespeak, Indicate, Spiny, Allegorize, Straitened, Arduous, Scrumptious, Typify, Base, Coarse, Support, Interjacent, Knotted, Weigh, Humblest, Vulgar, Unskillful, Fulsome, Allude to, Closed, Tight, Second-rate, Think, Wish, Diaphragm, Ailing, Determine, Shabby, Trashy, Limited, Waist, Rough, Disclose, Scant, Nobby, Intend, Hateful, Irascible, Demonstrate, Get across, Not at all, Meretricious, Signify, Funds, Evidence, Plan, Second-class, Tightfisted, Result in, Unaccommodating, Roll out, Give sign, Irritable, Testify, Impoverished, Hint at, Hard-earned, Nearsighted, Operose, Sad, Count, Pretypify, Skilled, Skimp, Slim, Okay, Standard, Two-for-a-penny, Wave, Have every intention, Measly, Intimate, Humble, Deficient, Pitiful, Nefarious, Niggard, Worthless, Connote, Indicate, Noxious, Small-minded, Slavish, Ill-tempered, Middle, No way, Enact, Spiffing, Banal, Low-class, Hard, Just dandy, Symptomize, Communicate, Contemptible, Cramped, Troublous, Trumpery, Absolutely, Lead to, Not comparable, Aspire to, Ornery, Produce, Difficile, Unpleasant, Sordid, Portend, Be symptomatic of, Aspire after, Thick, Steep, Simple, Mezzo, Purpose, Spleeny, Sorry, Process, Bitchy, Dwarfish, Formidable, Baleful, Lenten, Presignify, Express, Churlish, Abstemious, Least, Penny-pinching, Bring forward, Common, Narrow-minded, Spell out, Display, Crackerjack, Drive at, Designate, Wish, Scruffy, Assuredly, Instrumentality, Substance, Flourish, Spare, Signal, Refer to, Unkind, Involve, Represent, Incompetent, Bring about, Hairy, Inferior, Inadequate, Squalid, Fair, Sparing, Intermediary, Mean to say, Project, Illiberal, Certainly, Vehicle, Jejune, In any event, Presign, Augur, Machinery, Half-and-half measures, Import, Be construed as, Paltry, By all means, Dreary, Affect, Ripping, Core, OK, Peachy-keen, Reptilian, Denote, Characterize, Undistinguished, Close, Disgusting, Run-down, Paraphernalia, Fine and dandy, Usual, Ugly, At any cost, Cruel, Indifferent, Dramatize, By no means, Cross, Of course, No matter what, Deaf, Spell, Lowbred, Via media, Fairish, Uncharitable, Way, Want, Nucleus, Midway, Twopenny, Plan, Tinny, Middle way, Starvation, Slap-up, Apparatus, Abysmal, Have in mind, Nonclerical, Malicious, Assume, Modest, Beneath contempt, Imply, Positively, Express, Aim, Middling, Bully, Give evidence, Expect, Point indirectly to, Via, Flaunt, Set forth, Exceptional, Irregular, Medium, Feisty, Perform, Miserly, Present, Scrawny, Have in mind, Scummy, Propose, Plain, Low-test, Definitely, Wizard, Mesial, Frugal, Compromise, Little, Sour, Rigorous, Dwarfed, Bring into view, Bigot, Reserves, Jawbreaking, Smashing, Make clear, Intercurrent, Neutral ground, Low-quality, Bad, Embody, Scurvy, Brutal, Middlemost, Aim, Bring forth, Expect, Crabbed, Suggest, Hack, Toilsome, System, Develop, Purblind, Ways, Dangle, Think of, Set out, Neat, Argue, Equidistant, Identify, Hint, Surely, Bring to mind, Malign, Narrow-spirited, Scuzzy, Signify, Wealth, Unnourishing, Incarnate, So-so, Mind, Betoken, Middle-of-the-road, Note, Fanatical, On no account, Spiteful, Entail, Make plain, Presage, Abstruse, Moneybags, Proletarian, Middle ground, Scrimpy, Approach, In no way, Show forth, Execrable, Ineffectual, Unpretentious, Reveal, Possessions, Hostile, Avenue, Ticklish, Cankered, Rum, Testy, Borne, Undignified, Plebeian, Wonderful, Nifty, Divine, Homely, Delicate, Iniquitous, Capital, Parsimonious, Second-best, Half measures, Specify, Marvy, Third-rate, Lean, Presuppose, Disagreeable, Gross, Intervenient, Midst, Evince, Lowly, Stuffy, Method, Vile, Produce, Set with thorns, Seedy, Fractious, Constricted, Nasty, Groovy, Slight, Suggest, Maladroit, Equator, Unmentionable, Invidious, Dismal, Niggardly, Snappish, Narrow, Fab, Narrow-souled, Arrant, Designate, Servile, Contemplate, Stunning, Property, Manner, Flagrant, Baseborn, Assets, Imply, Holdings, Midships, Submissive, Implicate, Rugged, Declasse, Course, Diameter, But good, Intricate, Third-estate, Be significant of, Normal, Par, Disobliging, Procedure, Add up to, Poky, Means, Slender, Infer, Solid, Excellent, Uphill, Crusty, Be indicative of, Exhibit, Not easy, Foreshadow, Intimate, Hint at, Resolve, Keen, Channel, Watered, Debased, Point to, Materialize, Perverse, Mediterranean, Insinuate, Excitable, Thick of things, Show, Agency, Unliberal, Unwashed, Halfway measures, Convey, Moderation, Gaudy, No picnic, Petty, Harbor a design, Kernel, Denote, Low, Wicked, Wherewithal, Routine, Ordinary, Low-minded, Midland, Happy medium, Wretched, Gimcracky, Cranky, Hunky-dory, Teachable, Depraved, Savings, Shoddy, Mickey Mouse, Convey, Agent, Scrubby, Shabby-genteel, Scabby, Lowliest, Symptomatize, Out of sight, Scanty, Straitlaced, Midmost, Penurious, Spartan, Name, Bonzer, Stunted, Malefic, Tricky, Average, Take for granted, Innocuous, Center, Show, Divulge, Token, Monstrous, Instrumentation, Something else, Median, Harmful, Moderateness, Have plans, Abominable, Cantankerous, Degraded, Authoritarian, Get over, Low-grade, Cross-grained, Thorny, Bearish, Nest egg, Cussed, Connote, Aim at, Stinting, Fourth-class, Purport, Degenerate, Delicious, Cause, Swell, Deaf to reason, Twopenny-halfpenny, Low-down, Foul, Effect, Purse, Insinuate, Resources, Bundle, Huffish, Disgraceful, Presume, Cheap, Puny, Pitiable, Propose, Dirty, Pocket, Inglorious, Promise, Moderate, Aspire, Menial, Tight-fisted, Technique, Drive at, Cockney, Heavy, Mingy, Zone, Exiguous, Humble-looking, Strenuous, Creedbound, Not in it, Crummy, Great, Subservient, Herald, Stand for, Ungenerous, Cool, Lowborn, Commonplace, Want, Attest, At all events, Entail, Spotlight, Midriff, Scrimp, Insufficient

How to use Mean in a sentence?

  1. An important mathematical skill taught from an early age to school children.
  2. If you increase the number and divide by the total, you get the math meaning.
  3. The geometric resource is more complex and involves multiplying the length by the root.
  4. Mathematical mean and geometric averages are two types of averages that can be calculated.
  5. I don't know what you mean
  6. They don't hurt.
  7. The proposal is likely to result in another 100 closures.
  8. Used to measure the performance of an investment or company over average time and for many other purposes.
  9. This means also known as median, median is a basic function of mathematics that helps us to better understand the population.
  10. I am 26 years old, my brother is 22 years old and my sister is 24 years old, our average age is 24 years.
  11. Meaning the combination of two or more numbers means mathematics.

Meaning of Mean & Mean Definition

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Choice words
Newborn rolls on side
What does vvs mean
Blink my flashlight
Doctor of philosophy
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Text effect
The dude abides
How to forward calls from landline
Who are the two witnesses in revelation
Find the value of x in a triangle
Bathroom in sign language
Bce vs bc
Ps in a letter
Scorpio rising woman
Anthem ayn rand
What are the 10 commandments and what do they mean
Aramaic translator
Teamwork meaning
Can Dogs Eat Cheez Its
Net pay meaning
Self-serving bias
Highest asvab score
Scan qr code from image
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Traveling or travelling
How to not feel hungry
How to solve square root
Define i
Cat dream meaning
Materiality accounting
Stickr review
Godliness definition
How to become an arborist
What is jesus middle name
There be dragons
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Unalienable rights definition
Having no friends
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Harry potter marathon
Equity value formula
Bobtail tractor
Get hold of
Mustard on burns
I ll meaning
Accounts payable examples
Phd candidate
Transition plan template
Arithmetic sequence
How to measure waist
Ay caramba
Elements of battery
High level overview
What is an end user
Simplifying expressions with exponents
Why am i not good enough
Stomach hair
What are credit hours in college
Dream about moving
How to get better at singing
Prosecution lawyer
Transcribe music
For whom
Active voice definition
Timeshare definition
What are daps
Fourier analysis
Drop c guitar tuning
What is hd
How to become a reseller
Purposely or purposefully
One man's trash is another man's treasure
Progressed Chart
Self directed
Y all meaning
Fake tinder profiles
Beckon call
Power spectrum
Pet porcupine
Cougar woman definition
Apt Suite
Skinny arm workout
Mechanical parts
Nursing interventions
What is integration testing
What is a degree in math
Nd degree
Define closed
Why do i keep dreaming about my ex spiritual meaning
Data distribution
What is chemistry
Basic makeup tutorial
Car ac compressor cost
Tattoo cracking
Due diligence in a sentence
Medium pants size
How much does an anesthesiologist make a year
Getting jumped
Curtains over vertical blinds
What does an oak tree look like
Respect definition for kids
Spanish 2
I don t know who i am
That being said synonym
How to regrout tile
Jiraiya headband
Unhandled exception
Toast bread in oven
Tendered to Delivery Service Provider?
Pediatric oncologist
Define reminiscing
Hacking system
Still life drawing
Ostomy definition
When does shabbat end
Drum circle
Index html
Type i and type ii errors
Yes of course
Cots software
Z distribution
What is aurora borealis
Faith comes by hearing the word of god
Define accomplishment
Buy guinea pig
Panama girls
Alternative motive
Is it possible to lose 10 pounds in a week
Off the books jobs
Facebook url
I have not given you a spirit of fear
Small numbers
Protective order vs restraining order
Positive vibes
Can you see fleas on dogs
What does it mean when you keep dreaming about someone
Whose in a sentence
How much does an apprentice electrician make
Business environment
What is the 9th amendment in simple terms
Organic chemistry textbook
La pieta
Services msc
Thematic apperception test
Daylight basement
Hope Your Day Is Going Well
What Does Optimal Mean
Doctor appointment
Shuckin and jivin
Rna polymerase
Rehab house
Shelves on wheels
Exponential function equation
What is an oasis
Scd degree
Clearer Or More Clear
Paresthesia medical definition
Trauma and stressor related disorders
What is a solution in math
What is a cap in soccer
But not limited to
Old fashioned clothes
Getting baptized
Sketchy website
Ce vs ad
Behavioral psychology definition
Ethos meaning
How long is a dissertation
Receivables management
Harmonics definition
The heroic code
Hickory wood
Define circa
Extinction psychology
Ballet leap
Kanji tattoo
Single gang box
Bubbling feeling in chest
Great expectations summary
Sql schema
Pancytopenia definition
Team nursing
How do you become an actor
What is a bpo in real estate
What is recaptcha
Second shift
Wheel of fortune slots
Physician assistant programs in california
How To Unlock Honeywell Thermostat
Flooding Therapy
Emotionally immature parents
Yield point
Tendon definition
Flier vs flyer
Italian accent
Asvab scores for army jobs
What does net pay mean
Invision or envision
Equine massage therapy
Weather the storm
How to get rid of keloid on nose piercing
How to be a good mom
How to play acoustic guitar
High acuity
Correlation vs causation examples
Bear with us
Backsplash for dark cabinets
Phone number extension
I4 engine
How to draw a face
Biodiversity examples
How to get an hourglass body
Mei mei chinese
Fedex says delivered but no package
A Unique Or An Unique
Shih Tzu Life Span
Archive messenger
How To Become An Insurance Adjuster
How to fly a plane
Cricket wicket
How to become a creative director
How to believe in god
What is beat in music
Kali and shiva
Powers of 2
What is rhythm in music
Mouse hover
Percussion instruments
How to read a hospital monitor
Origin of the name jesus
Absolute eosinophils 0
How much do teachers make in florida
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Fleet of warships
How long does it take to lose 50 pounds
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Body language expert
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Among vs amongst
Source icon
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Values definition
Please bare with me
Novitec wifi booster
Isaiah 40 22
Omnipotent omnipresent omniscient
Hhhh meaning
What is a technical school
Regex starts with
True mirror
What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Crush
Is The Asvab Hard
Why did jesus weep
Zen meditation
Affect noun
Virtual meeting
May be vs maybe
Sale price
Entry level medical jobs
Dissertation vs thesis
How often should you use purple shampoo
Length definition
How to write a receipt
Sic meaning
Please advise
Luke skywalker green lightsaber
Smart casual dress code women
Among or amongst
Web of trust
Left hand itching
And in math
My sheep hear my voice
Eyeglass measurements
What is afab
Matthew 5 8
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How to get rid of cankles
Polygamy vs polyamory
How to make money as a teenager without a job
Bathroom plumbing diagram for rough in
Hang up the phone
Revelation 6 12
Ph formula
How much does a dental hygienist make in texas
Ye of little faith
Shower faucet repair
Hebrews 11 4
Phonological awareness definition
Decision analysis
Fences play
Coolant pouring out of bottom of car
Hypertonic definition
How much does a veterinarian make an hour
Flexible staffing
Imbedded or embedded
Persecution complex
Different types of law
Anytime or any time
Free hand drawing
There and their difference
What is a collage
Konscious keto reviews
Pr package
Vehicle dynamic control
Halal chicken
What is cochlea
White blue
Simplifying logarithms
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Vfr minimums
How to sign the back of a check
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Lead wire
Self accountability
What is an equation in math
Cost performance index
Where to sign a check
Differential calculus
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Lego stud
Common stock on balance sheet
Simplifying rational expressions
Bach toccata and fugue in d minor
How to spot a fake check
Are grits healthy
Bulimia face
How to come out
Os system
Cancer date
What is a testimony
What is advantage
Wireless ceiling fan
Rightly dividing the word of truth
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Baccarat strategy
Shower grab bar installation
What is viscosity
Hope and faith
Domain restrictions
Shipment received package acceptance pending
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Histology slides
Self attested
Expression math
Sharp sign
Lemon tree care
Invalid pregnancy test
Deposition science
Hail mary saying
What is a fling
How to build a deck railing
Algebra 1 topics
On Fedex Vehicle For Delivery
Fm receiver
Lite or light
Suit yourself
Can dogs eat steak
Libertarianism philosophy
How to find geodes
Dialing to mexico
Free energy
Frog pose
First mover
How hard is nursing school
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Multiplying scientific notation
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A burn book
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How long does it take to write a book
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Building trust in a relationship
Define retention
High school geometry
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Heat resistant glue
How to write a play
Segment Addition Postulate
Essence skin care
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Net pay
Corporate responsibility
Is fish seafood
Acid green
Company assets
How to get toned
Finger curls
What is private dns
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White in french
Characteristics of god
Squared away
Law of supply and demand
What is recidivism
Onlyfans content ideas
Sensory perception
Define transactional
Translate hello to portuguese
The moonstone
How to read a tb test
Dividend Payout Ratio
Men waxing private areas
What is host name
Install deb package
Speaking out of turn
Coin grading service near me
Lanai patio
Can you be enrolled in two colleges at once
What is basophils
How to unlock android phone password without factory reset
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Restore messages iphone
How to wear wedding rings
Does losing weight increase size
How long does it take for carpet to dry
Do you need a comma before and
Ppe equipment definition
Intermediate value theorem calculator
Writing in 3rd person
Pig call
How to increase ferritin levels
Wellness check police
What is call forwarding
Curriculum examples
What is federalism
Define teacher
What is a solicitor in england
Eyes peeled
Does adderall expire
Efficacy vs effectiveness
How to use etc in a sentence
What does mba mean
What frequency can humans hear
Live in the moment
Capillary tube
Carpe noctem
Dogs ears back
Bce and ce
Basic accounting equation
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Transgenic organism
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Ayn rand fountainhead
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How to not be jealous in a relationship
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Find the least common denominator
Bacterial culture
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Seeing auras
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Micro credentials
Unity language
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Do termites have wings
Fix leaky bathtub faucet
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Dividend growth model
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Necessary and sufficient conditions
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Tribe of benjamin
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How to know if he loves you
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What is dharma
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Is meditation a sin
How to ask a girl on a date
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Housing and community development act of 1974
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Behavioral health associates
Not responding
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Start a petition
Home library
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What Is Hid
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Human grade dog food
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I need money
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How to sell a house by owner
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What Does Lte Mean On Iphone
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Window Won T Stay Up
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