Mean-Variance Analysis

Mean-Variance Analysis,

Definition of Mean-Variance Analysis:

  1. The definition of Mean-Variance Analysis is: Analysis of average variability in terms of expected return is a weight risk process, which is expressed as a different condition. Investors use variable means analysis to make investment decisions. Investors estimate the level of risk they are willing to pay for various rewards. Intermediate analysis of variables allows investors to get the highest return at a given level of risk or the lowest risk at a given rate of return.

    • Average variability analysis is a tool that investors use to weigh investment decisions.
    • Analysis helps investors determine the highest return for a given level of risk or the lowest risk for a given rate of return.
    • Variation reflects the distribution of returns for a given security on a daily or weekly basis.
    • Expected return is a possibility that represents the expected return on investment in security.
    • If two different stocks have the same expected return, but the difference between the two is less, the less variable is better.
    • Even if two different values ​​have almost the same variation, the one with the highest performance is preferred.

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