How To Define MCS-90?

  • This is in addition to motor vehicle annuity insurance under sections 29 and 30 of the Motor Vehicle Act 1980. Drivers make sure truck drivers use insurance to meet financial obligation legal requirements.

Literal Meanings of MCS-90


Meanings of MCS:
  1. Abortion (used in most online forums)

  2. Magical (languages), a unit of frequency equal to one million cycles.

  3. Play as MC.

  4. (In the UK) Military Cross.

  5. Monaco (International Vehicle Registration)

  6. Music cassette

  7. Summary of Members of Congress

  8. Summary of Master Events

  9. Someone who entertains at a club or party instructs a DJ and plays rap.

Sentences of MCS
  1. He is present in all our parties

Synonyms of MCS

mistress of ceremonies, chairperson, chairwoman, leader, spokesperson, spokesman, MC, spokeswoman, president, master of ceremonies, convener, chairman