Mcdonalds Weight Watchers

Mcdonalds Weight Watchers

How many weight points do you have in a McDonald's Southwest salad?

320 calories 9 and 10 fiber = 6 points (salad)

60 calories 3 and 1 fiber = 1 input (croutons)

100 Nail 60 60 Fiber = 3 Points (Newman's Southwest Dressing)

Click on Nutrition and you will find information about all the foods. As far as the comment is concerned, if you were on a weightlift, you wouldn't eat McDonald's. . . Well, you don't know the program. If you want to spend 10 points on it, 10 points is not bad. Do good Olive Garden provides nutritional information for restaurants on request, and there are many websites that provide information if you have no choice but to eat at these establishments. Proceed.

McDonald's Weight Watch Points

Weight watchdog points for McDonald's

If you are on a weight monitor, you will not eat at McDonald's. Salads are also full of calories.

Mcdonalds Weight Watchers