Mcdonalds Orientation

Mcdonalds Orientation

McDonald's Orientation?

Guidance means you have been hired. During the introduction, you will sign documents proving that you are eligible to work in the United States, taxes and other forms (make sure to bring your Social Security card and photo ID), your uniform (or Smile) and you must have a manual. Staff Even if you work at McDonald's you wear comfortable clothes like a nice shirt and nice pants. You can also do a little exercise on the computer, but it depends on the store. You can also take a tour of the property. During my school days, I worked at McDonald's for 3.5 years and in 2006 won McDonald's employees of the year. If you have been working in the past year, you may also qualify. With an employee grant, $ 1,000 or more. I now! You will do well and stand up. Consumers may be offended by the idea that you belong to them because you work at McDonald's.

Are you ready They will change the working environment for you and allow you to do the work. It's a way to customize the work environment.

I've never worked in the eyes ... but the general familiarity is to be trained to see if they employ you. They will examine you and see if you are qualified for the simple things. Just listen and do your best. Dress well. Nice pants and shirt, but nothing.

Leave your phone in the car and look professional.

Guidance is probably another word for interview. Don't expect a life-changing question, it's McDonald's. There may be a shirt and jeans for the interview, this is not a company meeting. Of course you have to wear a uniform to work there.

1. If we delete menu items for a while, don't shout and comment, which never happens in Burger King! Order something or leave!

2. Start when the song is over. The world is a place of failure and McDonald's is no exception.

If. If I take a break to eat in the lobby, don't ask me to bring barbecue sauce. Just because he always wears a uniform doesn't mean he's careful.

If. If you do not speak English well, get an interpreter. Otherwise, don't worry if your order is wrong.

5. Don't use franchises! We're not the size of Gigi, we don't have onion rings or Nexus, and we don't.

your. If you gave me only eight dollars and forty-three cents, don't roll your eyes and I'm counting to check ... this is my ledger, and I do it my way.

If you don't see tomatoes on sandwiches in the photo, don't ask ********. G-Mac has been around for years ... not tomatoes

8. Don't change me after your order is done, go to my file and calculate the change. It's not my fault you're too lazy ... take what I give you!

9. Sweat and wrinkle your daughters as you change your clothes.

If you've never asked, don't ask if your sauce is in the bag.

11. If I offer you food ... and say good morning! Better to reply with a smile, thank you too or at least acknowledge my existence .. it means to be polite ..

If you ask me to repeat your command, don't shout at me.

13. Do not enter the lobby two minutes before closing. It's probably clean and will only force me to do indescribable things with your (bad) food.

14. If you ask me for a moment to decide, don't ask me if you're ready, you need more time, not me!

15. If you have a turbo diesel or a very noisy car ... instead of trying to control the noise ... I guarantee you will understand better.

16. Don't be offended if your files are fake. You will do the same wherever you go.

17. Please don't order combos and when I asked what kind of drink you want, you told me you didn't. ****** Get the real purpose of scrolling order!

18. If you open the window and hear / see me take another order from me ... don't talk to me, but your order is unclean

19. After payment, go to the next window if there is no one in front of you. Our case is closed.

20. Look, when I say your receipt will be in the next window, don't sit there and look at me after you close the window.

21. Please find out when breakfast and lunch are over. No ... I don't serve Brits all day. This is not a jackinthebox.

22. If you're a big man, don't think you'll go through the loudspeaker and say you forgot to ask ... come back like everyone else! Discount is available..Are you waiting for other special favors?

23. Love, when you know you support yourself ... then take refuge! Just because your drive repairs means you're not properly dressed.

24. If your card is denied, don't ask because it's up to us. Put cheap money in the bank.

25. Understand that I can hear everything you say, from the moment you stand in front of the speaker until you leave. So if you're talking nonsense, don't be surprised that he's not very friendly when you come to the window.

26. If I'm busy taking orders, don't put your money on the shelf and expect me to do the same with a change.

27. Do they look like rough toys? I care if you already have 10 toys ... it tells me you're not feeding them enough

28. I know what simple means. I don't feel the need to just add meat and cheese!

29. When you're on the speaker, you're ten feet from the window ... don't ask me when you once said what you were doing and it was on the screen.

30. Don't order large ice creams ... they're all the same size.

31. Don't drive your new sports car after the mid-life crisis ... and try to impress me with your 1987 truck line.

32. Do not go to the floppy disk and do not tell the manager in the second window that he has pressed it. The movement must accelerate.

33. Don't ask me if we will refund, this is not a bank.

34. Don't ask for free water and then sit in front of my window and ask what it is ... you don't pay anyway ...

If you order a pickle burger and it ends there, take it off because if you bring it to me to make it, that's all I will do.

36. Clear. Hi you. Failure This container is close to getting out for good reason.

If you're fishing in the car or in the backseat and you know you're not talking too loud ... don't try to ask everyone in the car ...

38. Please stop your friends and other friends from trying to control everything at once. I can only hear one person at a time.

39. If you leave when you return your money, or when I return it you leave it ... Don't look at me like you really expected me to return it. The closer you get

40. What is the use of Easy Ice Cream? Our ABS speakers even have this attitude. Don't order ice cream or take what they will give you.

41. If you don't talk like you have a chicken in your mouth, then maybe I understood first ...

. 42. If you see me talking to the car in front of you for a few seconds ... don't be a man and don't forget your RN ... you'll get food soon, I probably won't win. Not packed

43. Add **** Conversation when exiting the first window. I still have a window for you to go to ... and trust me, I will!

Guess me, I'll lift my thumb to hit me. Plot ...

Mcdonalds Orientation