Mcdonalds Ketchup For Sale

Mcdonalds Ketchup For Sale

Where can I buy a bottle of McDonald's ketchup to take home? 3

It tastes like vinegar and my family likes it, but I don't know the name or where to buy it. Does anyone know where I can find it?

Uses McDonald's Heinz. Turn the package over and see for yourself.

Yes, Heinz! But I know what you mean! I've heard that you can add Worcestershire sauce (a few drops per tablespoon) to your ketchup to make it look like McDonald's. I personally think it works!

I swear McDonald's sauce is just Heinz sauce. No need to add anything.

Is there Heinz?

Buy anyway.

Nothing in the shop.

Is this question correct?

Mcdonalds Ketchup For Sale