Definition of May:

  1. Expressing a wish or hope.

  2. In its legal sense, may commonly means permitted to. But when employed in interpreting the legislative intent of a statute, it is often taken to mean shall or must..

  3. Expressing permission.

  4. Expressing possibility.

Origin of word May

Late Old English, from Old French mai, from Latin Maius (mensis) ‘(month) of the goddess Maia’.

How to use May in a sentence?

  1. May she rest in peace.
  2. May I ask a few questions?.
  3. That may be true.

Meaning of May & May Definition

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Painting Pvc Pipe
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Can A Woman Produce Milk Without Being Pregnant
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Genie silentmax 1000
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Are Elephants Afraid Of Mice
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How To Heal Chafing Overnight
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Photosynthesis for kids
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Bachelor Of Science
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Greek culture
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Hydrosulfuric acid
How long does a felony stay on your record
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Pokemon go joystick
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On accident or by accident
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Roblox ban
Tracing a spoofed phone number
Which of the following is a negative symptom of schizophrenia
Can i deposit a check for someone else
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When can I eat normally after wisdom teeth removal
What Is Msn
Fermented honey
How to become a carpenter
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Nursing responsibilities
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I hate working
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Not found
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Cash Flow Statement Indirect Method
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How Deep Is A Water Polo Pool?
Class 3 firearms license
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One man's trash is another man's treasure
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God is omniscient
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Seek help
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How To Bleach Jeans
Piano music with letters
Speak french
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Alternator rebuild
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Parking lights
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Exhaust leak repair
What Does Ms Stand For
Signs your husband doesn t find you attractive
Hope Your Day Is Going Well
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Good smell
How to build a roof
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Simplify each expression
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Smoking rose petals
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How much does a pediatric surgeon make
Magnesium sulfite
How To Play Euchre
Non sequitur fallacy
Phone number pad
Availability heuristic example
Pet cheetah
Sql schema
Is it possible to lose a pound a day
How do i measure my waist
How to remove bathroom mirror
How to become a radiologist technician
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White cars
How to sing
How to siphon gas
Plural Of Roof
Diy wood fence
The oregon trail american settler
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Cannot or can not
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Postage by weight
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Plagiocephaly in adults
Piecewise functions
How to play acoustic guitar
How to get tan fast
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Toro lawn mower won t start
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Riding the clutch
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How To Become An Insurance Adjuster
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How to join a union
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Clinical coordinator
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How To Write A Check With Cents
Fleet of warships
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Installing roof shingles
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Mexican acne soap
Ice road trucker salary
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How to run ethernet cable through walls
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Find Driver License Number By Ssn
Best hood movies
Can bears climb trees
Greek god of love
How to clean evaporator coil
Apa headings
Military friendly colleges
Dr. Pepper Flavors
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Principled negotiation
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Uses of microwaves
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How to become a gynecologist
Master's degree in business administration
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Please bare with me
When were flip phones invented
Wooden path
Types of corporations
Break the glass
Regex starts with
Participative leadership
What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Crush
How to paint wood
Game dev story
How to get rid of grubs
How to start an informative essay
Why do dogs scratch the carpet
Aesthetician school
What is a flywheel
Betty brant
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The fear of god is the beginning of wisdom
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Finding outliers
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Common stock on balance sheet
Neurologist vs neurosurgeon
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Stain over paint
Intestinal bacterial infection
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How to care for a new tattoo
How long does it take for concrete to cure
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Lightweight drinker
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Lifespan development psychology
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Fix scratched rims
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Hope and faith
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How to change brakes
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Self attested
The tempest summary
Asymmetric encryption
What is a Parcel locker?
Money market account vs savings account
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Multiplying scientific notation
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How to acidify soil
Does Starbucks have Boba
A burn book
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Blood in dog stool home remedies
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Thank you again
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However semicolon
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Marshall court
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Study of birds
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How to bleach hair without bleach
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Kaplan nursing entrance exam
Lowes Water Heater Installation Cost
Wiring a light fixture
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Stages of team development
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Types of management
I got my unemployment debit card but no money
Iv infiltration
How To Fix A Wobbly Ceiling Fan
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How to change air filter
Sensory perception
Car jumper cables
How to cite a paragraph in mla
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Economic development definition
Hand-Tied Extensions
Information technology specialist
Eye drawing step by step
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What is host name
How to increase download speed
How to make a petition
How much do caregivers make
Kt tape for neck pain
Apple task manager
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Cset multiple subject
Showing empathy
Does losing weight increase size
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Do not be afraid i am with you
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Pig call
Reupholster dining room chairs
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The sociological imagination
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How to wean off lexapro
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How to get curly hair
Does adderall expire
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Efficacy vs effectiveness
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How to soak off nails
Capillary tube
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What does a june bug look like
Unconscious gaslighting
Body dysmorphia quiz
Basic accounting equation
Failing a class in college
Chicken and rice diet
Third-Party Payer
Target interview questions
How to replace a faucet
Diy aquarium
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Food engineering
How to get a vendor's license
Mcdonald's orange juice
Media mail shipping
Type pdf
How to ping an ip address
Payed or paid
Poker cheat
Anderson storm doors
Scaffolding in education
Nonischemic cardiomyopathy
How to turn off apple tv
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Allergy Skin Test Results Chart
Investing in vending machines
Tolling agreement
Beta waves
How much do prison guards make
How to get burnt smell out of house
Suit with boots
How to use castor oil for hair
How do you get a cashier's check
How to get gas smell out of clothes
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Plastic Melting Point
Calling australia from us
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Best collagen protein powder
How long can wet cat food sit out
Phone temperature
Saiki k season 2 dub
How to sleep after wisdom teeth removal
Wood delivery near me
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Two year old
Dpf filter cleaning
Chocolate addiction
Baking coins
Can Chiropractors Write Prescriptions
What hand does a promise ring go on
Egyptian furniture
Phlegm after eating
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How to test for mold in house
Talent scouting
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I am the night
Zip disk
Facebook antitrust
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Best free games on xbox one
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Fix leaky bathtub faucet
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Roof shingles repair
How to buy a franchise
How fast does a cheetah run
Dividend growth model
Gopro dash cam
Dual monitor laptop
How long does it take to become a social worker
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Yellowstone in november
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Client connect
Is zinc a metal
Contraceptive gel
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Product mix
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How to win at slots
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Quartz glass
French architecture
How do you know when someone loves you
Flat footed meaning
Boxy cars
Merchant marine salary
King Comforter Size
How to see who looks at your facebook page
Manicure tool sets
Connect router to modem
How long does it take to enter ketosis
Keyboard sound
Ups Delivered To Wrong Address
Ace volleyball
How much to patch a tire
Box turtle habitat
Types of lightsabers
Form and function
Ccrc certification
How can i treat my cats eye infection at home
Australia phone number
How to become a race car driver
How to block websites on chrome mobile
Lose 2 pounds a week
How to become a dog groomer
Memorandum template
How to become a speech pathologist
Largest bed size
Why are my messages not sending
Food review
Sheet music writer
How To Replace Mercedes Key Battery
Google chrome logo
Communist manifesto summary
Types of dinosaurs for kids
How to clean air conditioner coils
How to deposit a check
How to sign over a check
Paraprofessional certification
Frozen chicken patties
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