Maximum Possible Loss (MPL)

Maximum Possible Loss (MPL),

What is The Definition of Maximum Possible Loss (MPL)?

The worst damage that can be caused by an accident.

Literal Meanings of Maximum Possible Loss (MPL)


Meanings of Maximum:
  1. As large, as long or as strong or as permitted.

  2. As much as possible or as much as possible or achievable.

  3. at most.

Sentences of Maximum
  1. Maximum vehicle speed

  2. The school can accommodate a maximum of 32 students

  3. Its maximum length is 4 feet

Synonyms of Maximum

extreme, limit, peak, paramount, topmost, summit, extremity, zenith, ceiling, upper limit, crest, vertex, apex, uttermost, utmost, supreme, most, height, acme, greatest, apogee, pinnacle, largest, maximal, highest, top, biggest


Meanings of Possible:
  1. You can understand someone's strengths or abilities or something.

  2. The person or thing that has the ability to become or do something, especially a potential candidate for a position or team member.

Sentences of Possible
  1. Can't man live that long?

  2. I marked five possibilities with the star

Synonyms of Possible

able to be done, manageable, job-seeker, attainable, achievable, viable, prospective employee, realizable, job applicant, within reach, applicant, workable, within the realms of possibility, practicable, within the bounds of possibility, feasible


Meanings of Loss:
  1. The fact or action of losing someone else.

Sentences of Loss
  1. Don't waste your time

Synonyms of Loss

dropping, overlooking, forgetting, misplacement, mislaying