Maximum Benefit

Maximum Benefit,

What is The Meaning of Maximum Benefit?

  • Definition of Maximum Benefit: The maximum benefit is the maximum amount of insurance that can be paid by the insurance company to the insured during a certain period. In addition to this amount, the cost of the insured product or service is also borne.

Literal Meanings of Maximum Benefit


Meanings of Maximum:
  1. at most.

  2. As much as possible or as much as possible or achievable.

  3. As high as possible, as strong as possible or as strong or as allowed.

Sentences of Maximum
  1. Its maximum length is 4 feet

  2. The school can accommodate a maximum of 32 students.

  3. Maximum vehicle speed

Synonyms of Maximum

summit, most, acme, limit, zenith, vertex, topmost, highest, height, extreme, greatest, paramount, largest, top, peak, maximal, ceiling, apex, pinnacle, utmost, apogee, supreme, uttermost


Meanings of Benefit:
  1. Benefit or benefit comes from something.

  2. Payments or gifts from owners, governments or insurance companies.

  3. Public performances or other entertainment whose proceeds are donated to some charitable cause.

Sentences of Benefit
  1. Social assistance benefits

  2. Fremantization marks newcomers to the season by dancing and discounting profits

Synonyms of Benefit

well-being, state benefit, social security payments, convenience, profit, enjoyment, unemployment benefit, reap benefits, government benefit, sake, gain, advantage, welfare, public assistance allowance, social security, make money, insurance money, good, interest, reap financial reward, pension, satisfaction, ease, benefit payments, comfort, sick pay

Maximum Benefit,

Maximum Benefit Definition:

  • Termination compensation is the maximum amount of sum assured that can be paid by the insurer to the insured over a specified period. In addition to this amount, the insured unit or service bears the cost.

Literal Meanings of Maximum Benefit


Meanings of Maximum:
  1. As high as possible, as high as possible or as permitted.

  2. Identify the highest or highest point or amount reached.

  3. Maximum punishment for crimes.

Sentences of Maximum
  1. Imprisonment for a maximum of ten years

  2. Although the ray of light travels towards us at full speed, it cannot sustain the expansion of space.

  3. In any business transaction, both parties want to pay the minimum to get the best profit.

  4. The law also stipulates a maximum sentence of ten years if the accused is seriously injured and if he causes death, life imprisonment.

  5. That way, you'll be able to grow your home and maximize profits with minimal investment.

  6. Of course we are in business, but our goal is not to make maximum profit despite our professional commitment.

  7. They need special equipment, warm water clothes, so that divers can spend as much time in the water as possible.

  8. This is the man who regularly plays at least 15 events on the PGA Tour to spend as much time at home as possible with his wife and three children.

  9. However, he noted that the manager was trying his best to do the most damage.

  10. We will have more and more antivirus available, but there are things that people don't talk about.

  11. The counselor asks the family to pay as much as possible.

Synonyms of Maximum

crest, extremity, biggest


Meanings of Benefit:
  1. Payments or gifts from employers, governments or insurance companies.

  2. Public performances or other entertainment whose proceeds go to some charitable cause.

  3. Make a profit

  4. Freedom of English scholars and monks from the jurisdiction of ordinary civil courts was granted in the Middle Ages, but abolished in 1827.

  5. Restrictions or confessions in the church.

  6. A confession that a person or statement must be considered correct or valid, unless otherwise proven.

Sentences of Benefit
  1. Only good health benefits can be obtained from other facilities.

  2. Bishop Foley quickly gained the upper hand thanks to strong winds, but Gelskol fought hard and never gave up.

  3. Emily Barr wrote the dark and entertaining novel Back Bag, which sold well thanks to the chuckle packaging.

  4. Looking back, he said he was surprised to see something wrong in the practice at the time.

  5. However, the report also acknowledged that its recommendations were backfired.

  6. Today we can do better with a large searchable database of legal opinions.

  7. Winning their first game in Division One is a huge achievement, even if it benefits the noisy and dynamic crowd.

  8. In the past, this was not the best.

Synonyms of Benefit

bonus, asset, good point, help, do good to, aid, strong point, be useful to, be beneficial to, serve, plus, be of help to, merit, be of use to, virtue, be of service to, strength, be helpful to, boon, plus point, be to the advantage of