Definition of Maturity:

  1. Time to completion of a project or program, or the period for which a contractual agreement, financial instrument, guaranty, insurance policy, loan, or offer is issued or is in force.

  2. The state, fact, or period of being mature.

Synonyms of Maturity

Ability, Accounts payable, Accounts receivable, Adulthood, Adultness, Age of consent, Amount due, Applicability, Bad debts, Bill, Bills, Borrowing, Capability, Charges, Chits, Close, Competence, Competency, Completing, Completion, Conclusion, Condition, Consummation, Culmination, Debt, Driving age, Due, Dues, End, Ending, Financial commitment, Finish, Finishing, Fitness, Fittedness, Floating debt, Flower of age, Full age, Full bloom, Full development, Full growth, Fullgrownness, Fullness, Funded debt, Grown-upness, Indebtedness, Indebtment, Legal age, Legalis homo, Liability, Majority, Manhood, Manlihood, Mastery, Maturation, Mature age, Mellowness, National debt, Obligation, Operability, Outstanding debt, Perfection, Pledge, Preparedness, Prime, Prime of life, Proficiency, Public debt, Qualification, Readiness, Ripe age, Ripeness, Riper years, Rounding off, Rounding out, Score, Seasoning, Suitability, Suitableness, Suitedness, Tempering, Termination, Terminus, Toga virilis, Topping off, Trim, Uncollectibles, Unfulfilled pledge, Virility, Windup, Womanhood, Womanlihood, Years of discretion, Adulthood, Full growth, Majority, Coming-of-age, Matureness, Manhood, Womanhood, Puberty, Pubescence

How to use Maturity in a sentence?

  1. When someone disagrees with something you feel strongly about, being able to respond respectfully and not get upset shows maturity.
  2. The man failed to get the final out of the inning, but he handled it with maturity , as he walked into the dugout and did not throw anything.
  3. Their experience, maturity, and strong work ethic.
  4. All my money is tied into bonds. By this time next year, the maturity rate will double. We can finally take that trip.

Meaning of Maturity & Maturity Definition


Maturity Meanings:

  • Maturity can be defined as, At this time interval, which usually appears in the months since the beginning of the year in which it occurred. It measures the age of residual body development.

  • Maturity is the history of the maturity of a transaction or financial instrument. So it has to be expanded, otherwise it will no longer exist. The term is commonly used to refer to securities such as reserves, demand and futures transactions, interest and commodity exchanges, options, loans and fixed income instruments. Sometimes they are replaced by bonus levels as part of the promotion.

    • Maturity is the agreed date of an investment, which often triggers the repayment of a loan or guarantee, payment of goods or money, or any other payment or settlement period.
    • The term is often used to refer to bonds, but it is also used to refer to reserves, currencies, commodity and interest rates, options, loans and other transactions.
    • The maturity dates of loans and other accounts for repayment may change frequently during the life of the borrower.

  • Maturity means, When a policy (such as life insurance or annual) reaches an agreed term, it expires and is paid for.

  • The age of this claim, which expires in months from the beginning of the year. It is used to measure the evolution of a set of claims that occurred in the year in which they occurred.

  • The date on which the principal of a loan, security or other financial instrument matures and must be repaid.

Meanings of Maturity

  1. Status, event, or expiration date.


Definition of Maturity:

Maturity means, Bonds or debt securities have a specific date on which the debt matures and must be repaid.

When OBLigations owe or repay.

Date of termination of policy and payment of insurance benefits. In the case of fixed income investment (bonds), it means bond bond.

The date on which a certain security expires and the principal is paid. The جاری 1,000 bond issued pays at 1000 on maturity. A company can issue more than one series of securities. Securities can be distinguished on the basis of their maturity.