Definition of Mature:

  1. Having reached the most advanced stage in a process.

  2. Fully developed physically; full-grown.

  3. (of a bill) due for payment.

  4. (of an organism) become physically mature.

  5. (of an insurance policy, security, etc.) reach the end of its term and hence become payable.

  6. A policy is said to mature when its face value is paid out, for example, when the insured dies.

Synonyms of Mature

Accomplish, Accrue, Adult, Advance, Age, Aged, All ready, All set, Archetypical, Armed, Armed and ready, Assemble, Attain majority, Back, Bear fruit, Beautify, Beget, Big, Blase, Bloom, Blooming, Blossom, Blossoming, Blow, Booted and spurred, Breed, Brew, Briefed, Bring forth, Bring into being, Bring to completion, Bring to fruition, Bring to maturity, Budding, Build, Burgeon, Burgeoning, Call into being, Cast, Classic, Coached, Cocked, Coin, Come of age, Come to fruition, Come to maturity, Complete, Compose, Compound, Conceive, Concoct, Construct, Consummate, Consummated, Contrive, Cook up, Cosmopolitan, Cosmopolite, Create, Crescent, Crown, Culminate, Cultivate, Design, Develop, Developed, Devise, Discover, Do to perfection, Dream up, Due, Eke out, Elaborate, Embellish, Engender, Entire, Equipped, Erect, Evolute, Evolve, Exemplary, Experienced, Expert, Extrude, Fabricate, Fall due, Familiarized, Fashion, Fill in, Fill out, Finish, Finished, Fledge, Florescent, Flourish, Flourishing, Flower, Flowering, Form, Formulate, Frame, Fudge together, Fulfill, Full, Full-blown, Full-fledged, Full-grown, Full-scale, Fully developed, Gather, Generate, Germinate, Get up, Give being to, Give rise to, Global, Good and ready, Groomed, Grow, Grow up, Growing, Grown, Grown up, Grown-up, Hatch, Hypertrophied, Hypertrophy, Improve, Improvise, In arms, In arrear, In arrears, In battle array, In full bloom, In readiness, In the saddle, Increase, Indite, Informed, Intact, Invent, Knowing, Knowledgeable, Leave the nest, Loaded, Loaded for bear, Make, Make do with, Make good, Make up, Manufacture, Marriable, Marriageable, Masterful, Masterly, Maturate, Maturated, Matured, Maturescent, Mellow, Mellowed, Mint, Mobilized, Model, Mold, Mushroom, Not born yesterday, Nubile, Of age, Of marriageable age, Old, On the mark, Originate, Outgrow, Outstanding, Overdevelop, Overdeveloped, Overdue, Overgrow, Overgrown, Overtop, Owed, Owing, Patch together, Payable, Perfect, Perfected, Piece out, Piece together, Plan, Planned, Polish, Polished, Practiced, Prearranged, Prefabricate, Prepare, Prepared, Prepared and ready, Prepped, Primed, Procreate, Produce, Proficient, Progress, Provided, Psyched up, Pullulate, Put together, Put up, Quintessential, Raise, Reach its season, Reach manhood, Reach maturity, Reach twenty-one, Reach voting age, Ready, Ready for anything, Rear, Receivable, Redeemable, Refill, Refine, Refined, Replenish, Reproduce, Ripe, Ripen, Ripened, Round out, Run up, Sagacious, Season, Seasoned, Set, Set up, Settle down, Shape, Shoot up, Solid, Sophisticated, Spawn, Spring up, Sprout, Sprout up, Sprouting, Strike out, Temper, Tempered, Think out, Think up, Thrive, Thriving, Toga virilis, Top off, Total, Tower, Tried, Tried and true, Unabbreviated, Uncut, Undiminished, Unexpurgated, Unpaid, Unsettled, Up in arms, Upshoot, Upspear, Upspring, Upsprout, Vegetate, Veteran, Vigilant, Wax, Well-prepared, Whole, Whomp up, World-wise, Worldly, Worldly-wise, Write, Be fully grown, Be full-grown, Be fully developed, Develop fully, Come of age, Become adult, Reach adulthood, Reach maturity, Adult, Grown-up, Grown, Fully grown, Full-grown, Of age, Fully developed, Fully fledged, In ones prime, In full bloom, Nubile

How to use Mature in a sentence?

  1. She was now a mature woman.
  2. Van Goghs mature work.
  3. When the policy matures it pays off the loan.
  4. Children mature at different ages.

Meaning of Mature & Mature Definition