Definition of Matrix:

  1. Flat (two-dimensional) table in which the elements or entries appear at the intersections of rows and columns, governed by certain rules. Matrices condense different types of information and are used in studying problems where the relationships between their elements are amenable to tabulation, such as in linear simultaneous equations and Markov chains.

Synonyms of Matrix

Platonic form, Platonic idea, Aesthetic form, Archetype, Art form, Build, Cast, Chimney, Chute, Configuration, Conformation, Country rock, Cut, Deposit, Die, ■■■■, Fashion, Figuration, Figure, Form, Format, Formation, Frame, Gangue, Genre, Impression, Inner form, Intaglio, Last, Layout, Lode, Lodestuff, Make, Makeup, Mineral deposit, Mint, Modality, Mode, Model, Mold, Negative, Ore bed, Pattern, Pay dirt, Prototype, Punch, Seal, Set, Shape, Shoe last, Shoot, Significant form, Stamp, Stock, Structure, Style, Template, Turn, Type, Uterus, Vein, Venter, Womb

How to use Matrix in a sentence?

  1. When ever I am looking at a problem with multiple factors needing to be compared I put them all in a matrix to make the best decision easily visible.
  2. The company used a complex decision-making matrix to determine which potential investments it should place the bulk of its capital in.
  3. The mathematician was able to prove his theorem by means of a matrix , which served as a visual representation of his groundbreaking work.

Meaning of Matrix & Matrix Definition

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