Mateus 24 36

Mateus 24 36

Evangelism for you: Matthew 24:36? 3

Please ... Leave your opinion at Matthew 24:36, Jesus Do you know how to find your bride, or not, only God knows? Peas or verses say that only the Father knows !!!

Deck without feedback !!!!

Peace of the senior !!!!

Jesus © Fil of the Father God The Senr.

And Jesus denied that he did not know, but obeyed God.

I believe in it, as he said.


No or questioned: I know Sen. Jesus Christ disa, so or state!

Remember, the kingdom of God that was adorned with two donkeys, be it the kingdom, from the Father, the pea or Jesus himself died, the children sent by faith were the father, or, everything happened and happens at the speed of the father. Peas Adequate temperature has no rhythm. In the same way, the Sutras of Jesus will become the earth from the Father's Ford.

SP Tar heard.

Year !!!!!

Mateus 24 36

Mateus 24 36

Hi how are you

Matthew 24.36 On that day no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, except my Father.

obs: Some versions say that neither Phil Matthew 24:36 from that day it was, however, no one knows, nor the angels of the dog, nor Phil, but . Pie.

There must be some kind of text about Jesus in the cat

The same Bible that says that Jesus is "lesser or father" (John 14:28) says that Christ is "Father of eternity" (Isaiah 9: 6). This proves that there should be less hair in the scriptures. The type of text refers to the person of Jesus (or does not mean contradiction):

1) Those who classify Salvador in position or superiority over the pie (and refer to its staring condition)

2) Those who place Jesus in a position or equivalent to the pie (and refer to his or her divine terms). Romans 9: 5 or Paul himself in Romans 9: 5 says that Jesus is blessed God.

Therefore, to close or check on the personality of Jesus, we need to look at the type of text.

Then the consideration is given ... Phil, if not the father.

This text refers to the divine Jesus, who is equal to the Father in divinity (Colossians 2: 8, 9) or the Conflict with Christ (John 1:14), who is qualified in His humanity or knowledge ( Matthew 24:36) ). Do you have a rescue plan or not?

For steel or blic

This verse is especially in the Bible because there are many people who want to know what Jesus did.

And just as Jesus knows the ra, that means no one can know the Father more accurately.

Or it makes us who we are and that we are ready for this beautiful day, waiting and praying, watching and coughing.

When he says no or not just because he is human and it is easy to see whether it is one thing or another, he chooses à © or Pie with the question. .

Jesus doesn't mind if he says don't leave or don't go now I'll see what I need to know now.

Mateus 24 36

Mateus 24 36

There is always this doubt.

AO is just called or tofu pie or green and raw

There Jesus spoke as a meme, because as God he knows yes.

Mateus 24 36