Maternity leave

Maternity leave,

Definition of Maternity leave:

  1. A period of absence from work granted to a mother before and after the birth of her child.

  2. A period of approved absence for a female employee granted for the purpose of giving birth and taking care of infant children. Maternity leave may last anywhere from several weeks to a period of months depending on the organization, and may be paid or unpaid depending on policies. A certain amount of maternity leave may also be legally mandated for some nations, states, or municipalities.

How to use Maternity leave in a sentence?

  1. Elizabeth is now on maternity leave.

Meaning of Maternity leave & Maternity leave Definition

Maternity Leave,

Definition of Maternity Leave:

  • Meaning of Maternity Leave: The period during which a pregnant worker is entitled to leave his job before and after the birth of the child. The right to maternity leave depends on when the woman worked for her employer.

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Sentences of Maternity
  1. She is not a woman who cares about motherhood

Synonyms of Maternity

parenthood, motherhood


Meanings of Leave:
  1. Stay away from.

  2. let go

  3. (Someone or something) in a particular situation or place.

  4. Ball position after throw (for billiards, billiards, billiards, cricket and other sports).

  5. The period in which a license to serve or serve in the Armed Forces has been granted.

  6. Approval

  7. (Plants) produced new leaves.

Sentences of Leave
  1. He left New York on June 6

  2. The parts you don't want to change and the parts you don't want to leave

  3. Hell leaves no doubt about it

  4. Who is on vacation at home

  5. Get permission to appeal the decision

Synonyms of Leave

concurrence, sanction, licence, respite, pull out of, liberty, assent, freedom, be gone from, depart from, go from, confirmation, go away from, mandate, approval, clearance, consent, leisure time, a week off, permission, ratification, breathing space, backing, dispensation, disappear from, sabbatical, abandon, acquiescence, acceptance