Definition of Materiel:

  1. Military materials and equipment.

  2. All the apparatus, equipment, parts, and supplies (as distinguished from the personnel), required in an operation, organization, or undertaking.

Synonyms of Materiel

Equipment, Apparatus, Paraphernalia, Articles, Appliances, Impedimenta, Abundance, Accouterments, Accumulation, Amassment, Apparatus, Appliances, Appointments, Appurtenances, Armament, Backlog, Budget, Collection, Commissariat, Commissary, Conveniences, Cornucopia, Cumulation, Duffel, Dump, Equipage, Equipment, Facilities, Facility, Fittings, Fixtures, Furnishings, Furniture, Gear, Habiliments, Heap, Hoard, Impedimenta, Installations, Inventory, Kit, Larder, Machinery, Mass, Material, Material resources, Materials, Munition, Munitions, Outfit, Paraphernalia, Pile, Plant, Plenitude, Plenty, Plumbing, Provisionment, Provisions, Rations, Raw material, Repertoire, Repertory, Rick, Rig, Rigging, Stack, Staple, Stock, Stock-in-trade, Stockpile, Store, Stores, Stuff, Substances, Supplies, Supply, Supply on hand, Tackle, Tackling, Things, Treasure, Treasury, Utensils

How to use Materiel in a sentence?

  1. The shipping of materiel south into the battle zone.

Meaning of Materiel & Materiel Definition