Material Facts

Material Facts,

What is Material Facts?

Important facts are critical facts that are very suitable for insurance purposes. If the policyholder knows the material facts and the insurance company issues the policy without their knowledge, the insurance may be fraudulent. Hiding some important facts can also completely invalidate the guidelines.

Literal Meanings of Material Facts


Meanings of Material:
  1. The material from which an object is made or can be made.

  2. Facts, information or ideas that can be used to create a book or other work.

  3. Cloth or cloth

  4. Reference to or contain physical things, not thoughts or spirits.

  5. Important Related Content

Sentences of Material
  1. Goats can eat as much of any plant material as possible.

  2. There is a lot of good material for priests to use in their sermons.

  3. A piece of black cloth

  4. Insects do not cause material damage to crops

Synonyms of Material

important, matter, evidence, ideas, earthly, details, temporal, medium, stuff, cloth, physical, statistics, particulars, substance, secular, momentous, facts, facts and figures, corporeal, non-spiritual, consequential, concrete


Meanings of Facts:
  1. Anything that is known or proven.

Sentences of Facts
  1. Ignoring some historical and economic facts

Synonyms of Facts

certitude, reality, factuality, actuality, certainty