Materiais Escolares Em Inglês

Materiais Escolares Em Inglês

Do I need 50 school subjects in English with translation?

Now you hear, Andy.

Here is a list of alphabets that are different from each other.

Bag = bag

Board = square

Whiteboard eraser = silent

Book = book

Library = bookcase

Bulletin board = Ivy board

Calendar = Calendar

Lime = chalk

Computer = Commodore

Pencil = candle chalk

Folder = insert

Office = Purse

Dictionary = Dictionary

Drawing paper = drawing paper

Copper = intoxicated =

Paper in a row = lined paper

Glue = glue

High lighter marker = high lighter

Card = card

Tag = pen

Notebook = notebook

Buffer = block

Spring = sugarcane

Pencil = Lapis Lazuli

Case = mechanical pencil / where you keep the pencil

Pencil sharpener = pencil sharpener

Rules = rules

Square = Squad

Scissors = scissors

Manual = SMS book

And mouse = square n

And off = corrective

Now, with full confidence, you can do the last thing at last with peace and strength. Believe me or I just read tonight.

Good night!

Muffler remover

Rubber drunk

Pen pen

Pencil sharpener

Colored pencils Colored pencils.

Scissors Scissors

Autonomous laws

Book of books

Notebook notebook

Mechanical pencil case

Hit compose

Action Reporter


Tail snake

Nutrition lemons

Program schedule


Case case

Paper paper


Paste folder

Betting Tips

Graphite Graphite

Correction Correction

Mark text

Dude, is that 50? I just remember there .... D

I heard

Here, suggests something:

English nouns:


See, since this is a complex thing and there are a lot of them in it, your health was very good, which proves that you will not find the answer here. Like someone who speaks fluent English, it is almost impossible to read 50 names on school materials. Sincerely, this answer is very difficult to find. What crazy teacher asked that? Sorry, but no. Listen, objective teacher. Year

Materiais Escolares Em Inglês