Master In Japanese

Master In Japanese

Did you say master in nineteen?

The master, as the virgins say, is the gossiper: who, like all, is a master, a protector, and so on.

On mobile phones, they greet teachers like this:

r £ â Ââà £ â Arrhythmias, gossip à £ ââ (please come in, master)

Or later

ka as "à £ ¾à £› £ "à £ » ººÃ °  ººÃ§ ººÃ ° ººÃ ººÃ ººÃ ka avirinassma

As a Master / Teacher of Martial Arts, the Master () or Siao () depends on the context.

Words for teachers

Master N.

This page can help you.

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Did we say teacher in 19?

Like Kechu Wa Meri Sama, Welcome Master.

And if I want to know how to say :)


In this case, او ¼šà •  · £ €  €  ¼ˆç ¼ˆç ¼ˆç ¼ˆç ¼ˆçÂ

her "£ â € € her maid, or when one speaks to a woman and mentions her husband


Master In Japanese